How to stay cool under pressure!

How to stay cool under pressure!

You’ve put in months, or years of work learning how to sing and build your vocal range, you’ve got the soaring highs, the resonance of a swarm of bees and the moves of Robert Plant – you go to an audition for an established band, or a broadway show, or a local gig… and… (drumroll)… you sing out of key and you push. Cue disappointment at yourself for blowing the gig!

All is not lost though – we all have bad days, I’ll admit it – but what exactly happened to all our hard work in that one moment of pressure? Learning how to sing with confidence is super easy.

Know your voice

The secret in how to sing with confidence is understanding your voice, and pre-empting our issues. If you’re aware of the kinds of issues unique to your voice when your voice ISN’T working at it’s prime, then this can actually be of benefit to your technique even when you have warmed up and you feel like your voice is roaring and ready to go.

Know your technique

In the same way you should know your voice, you should know your technique like the back of your hand – WHY does your voice sound so great when it is working? Don’t let it just run on autopilot, you HAVE to take control of your voice and be the one who is placing your resonance and supporting your voice. If things go a little haywire, but you know WHY, then you can easy reign in the issue and get your voice back on track and your pitch back to perfect!

Don’t be so hard on yourself

Singing is a little like meditation in some ways, especially when it comes to a little mistake or missed cue – simply acknowledge that it’s there, and LET. IT. GO. Don’t agonise over it and dwell, just let the fub go and move on – make sure the NEXT note you hit is an absolute killer and you wow everyone with how well you recovered – maybe then they’ll even think that little patch of pitchyness you experience was simply a bit of a jazzy influence on your part?

I’ve put together a short guide on singing with confidence:

Are you ready to sing with confidence and really WOW everyone in any situation with how killer your singing technique is, and how COOL you are under pressure? Book a session with me now and we’ll ingrain confidence right into your technique along with extensive range and a killer tone.

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