How to solve your singing voice problems

How to solve your singing voice problems

Are you a breathy singer? Do you push your high range? Are you having trouble with resonance, consonant sounds, or singing a particular word? The answer to your riddle is all in the question itself – you actually need to have an approach for each one of these parts of your voice, yes, even consonant sounds!

First up, if you’re a breathy and whispy singer, it’s likely that you simply aren’t aware of how to control your breathing while singing. Basically, you need to engage the diaphragm rather than breathing from the ‘top’ of your lungs like you usually do when you speak – I’ve put together a super simple (and FREE!) short course on vocal breathing which will show you in more depth than I can here in a paragraph. The answer to breathy singing is in your breathing technique!

Secondly, if you’re pushing your high range, then it’s likely you’re not accessing your middle voice, or your “Mix” properly as you ascend in range. As you sing higher, your vocal chords actually need to shorten so that they can vibrate faster, rather than staying full length (aka chest voice) – there’s a fully ‘zipped’ version of this (head voice), and there is a much fuller and natural version (middle voice) that retains the depth of Chest Voice, but without the weak and breathy tone of head. If you’re ready to build your middle voice, you can book a session with me now – I’ve also put together a short tutorial video on building your middle voice below:

But what about your vowels and consonant sounds? The same thing – you need an actual APPROACH to your vowels, and any other sound you might be making while we’re at it so that we’re always consistent, and our voices can ‘grow’ rather than just ‘react’ when we sing. Here’s another short tutorial I’ve released on singing your vowel sounds the RIGHT way:

When you’re ready to work on the more advanced and tricky stuff, like building your range, vowel modification, proper consonant production and tons more – book a session with me and I’ll SHOW you how it’s done! The answer to all of your singing voice problems is in your approach, so lets build a POWERFUL approach together!

Feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!

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