How To Sing With Vocal Placement


Singing without placement is like playing electric guitar without an amplifier, a saxophone without a reed and a drumkit without sticks - basically, all your energy, frequency and musicality are simply wasted. Vocal Placement is the key to building your voice. Watch this video to learn exactly HOW to do it;

Has this Vocal Placement training been helpful? If so, I've put aside some time in my calendar for a face-to-face Q&A session where you can meet directly with me over Skype in a free 20 consult. We will discuss your goals and how placement fits into the puzzle of building an effortless singing voice. Hit the link below now to reserve your consult.

Update: Spots for October are now limited.

The ONLY Vocal Program Proven To


Vocal placement is just ONE of the four powerful ways I help my students get crazy results in their singing - just imagine what they'll do for your voice when you master them ALL!

"I never thought I'd be able to develop a powerful and effortless voice for rock and metal, but after taking regular lessons with Kegan, I've not only met, but surpassed my expectations and goals." - Maryanne (Rock Singer, 2020)

I'm so passionate and confident that you're going to see SERIOUS growth in your singing with my simple but proven approach that I'm going to guarantee growth in your singing - or your money back.

Seriously, if you invest in your voice by purchasing the Foundation/Growth/Session pack, you try it out for 30 days and follow every step along the way, we meet for our session in that time and you see absolutely ZERO growth in your singing, you see no value in what you've learned, and you're still at square one as a singer - I'll refund you the cost of the courses AND the session, so, a FULL 100% refund on the whole pack

I'm THAT serious about your potential to become a great singer.

... And I'm SO serious about it that I'll even throw in an extra $10 of my own money on top of the full refund if you don't see any growth or improvement in your singing within 30 days. Basically, you're either going to become a better singer, or, you're going to get $10 for free - what do you have to lose??

You're only one click away from SERIOUS vocal growth.


Update: October - course intake for this special pack has now closed

I never thought I'd be able to develop a powerful and effortless voice for rock and metal, but after taking regular lessons with Kegan, I've not only met, but surpassed my expectations and goals.


Vocal Student

If you want to sing ROCK at the highest level... choose BVS.


Rock Singer

Kegan has helped me put the "Singer" into Singer-Songwriter.

Mike Nova


Kegan solved a problem I have been struggling with for years and that all vocal coaches, books and courses I have visited, used and taken previously were not able to identify and help me with. I wish I had found his videos earlier, could have saved me a whole lot of time and money!!


Vocal Student

Kegan is a vocal magician - in less than 30 min lesson he fixed problems that I was struggling with for weeks


Kegan is the best vocal coach there is! 😁😁 If you want to be able to sing properly with YOUR own voice he is your guy!


Rock Singer



You've been through the Vocal Plan and learned a whole sh%$t-ton more than you ever thought that anyone was ever going to show you about singing for free - and I've even followed it up with a bunch of killer tutorials like this one on Placement.

You're at the crossroads.

It's the crux.

The time to separate the men from the boys (so to speak)

It's time to pick a pill.

At this point, you've really got two choices.

The Red Pill) You close this tab, go back to browsing google and YouTube for 'answers' the problems you've been experiencing as a singer, even though I've already served them to you on a silver platter.

You might even clear your cache in a few days.

And the memory of this tutorial, and maybe even The Vocal Plan will start to fade.

You'll continue struggling to learn how to sing.

You'll continue flubbing high notes.





And instead of making SERIOUS progress with a GUARANTEED vocal method that is PROVEN to create crazy voices, an insane range and just all round spectacular singing.

You'll stay on "the YouTube treadmill" of pointless terms, amateur gurus who think they're top shit (but really can't help you sing any better), endless video after video looking for answers and solutions that never come.

And you'll stay at square one while the next guy who took the Blue Pill instead soars past you with an insane amount of range, power and effortless, incredible singing.

And it's a total shame.

Because you were only ONE CLICK AWAY from becoming a better singer.

Don't be that guy - take the Blue Pill instead.

The Blue Pill) You click on the link below and buy the Foundation/Growth/Session pack and get down to business straight away with the informative portion of the Foundation course and book your Skype session for a week's time.

You work through the course immediately, seeing wild results even within the first few minutes as you discover pharyngeal vowels, forward placement, vowel overtones and compression as your voice opens up like a razor-edged flower.

You start working through Growth 101 and head voice starts turning into FULL VOICE - which is just beyond your wildest dreams.

Our session together yields absolute gold in a way you never though was possible, and in merely a few weeks you start seeing tangible progress in your singing.

Proven vocal growth.

Serious progress.

A better singing voice.

And to think, you almost took the red pill instead and missed out on all the insane range that's starting to develop in your voice.

We both know it's time to take the blue pill and invest in a better singing voice.

Update: October - course intake for this special pack has now closed

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