How to sing with vibrato

How to sing with Vibrato

The truth is, Vibrato isn’t a ‘technique’ or “trick” that can be taught, it’s not a matter of changing pitch or even your voice wavering – it’s actually an oscillation around the centre of the tone you are creating.

Vibrato is a result of healthy tone production and well coordinated singing technique – not contortion or manipulation. Vibrato is not to be confused with tremolo or trillo.

Vibrato is a ‘release’ for your voice, when you create a correctly placed singing tone and you’re coordinating your voice without strain and tension, your frequencies will pulse and oscillate in a healthy way that builds and protects your voice by managing pressure in an even way.

The secret to a natural vibrato? The energy is already there, you simply need to let it pulse.

Now this is actually similar to how a YoYo or a skipping rope works – you don’t need to pull the YoYo up and down repeatedly, you don’t need to swing the skipping rope – you simply need to keep them supported and they will pulse.

Vibrato will only appear in your voice when it is ready – I know that’s disappointing to hear, but it’s the truth. Anything else will fall short of true vibrato, and create bad habits that are very hard to break.

So, vibrato isn’t caused by pulsing of the diaphragm, or the larynx, or a repeated change in pitch, or shaking of your jaw – it should happen without intention. So, the best way to create a healthy vibrato is to ignore it, put it out of your mind and hold a steady, well supported tone.

To sing with vibrato, you need to build your resonance and support first, and vibrato will come later. Vibrato is best created as a result of a released and relaxed voice.

If you’re ready to start building your own healthy voice with vibrato – book a session with me now!

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