How to sing with RESONANCE | rock singing lessons

The greatest misconception I’ve come across as a singing teacher and rock vocal coach (and once fell prey to myself as a fledgling singer) is that the voice works like a flute, with air and pressure blowing across the vocal chords like a reed, or a whistle, even…

Air Pressure + vibration = Resonance

That’s right, air pressure creates vibration in your vocal folds which in turn creates resonance…  Try it – hold back the air while you’re singing, kinda like holding your breath underwater, or figuratively ‘inhaling’ instead of pushing your air out – you feel vibration and hear a resonant sound, right? Congratulations, this is your true, resonant singing voice! Check out my latest video on creating a resonant tone which shows you how to ditch the breathiness and build resonance in your voice instead.

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