How to sing with mix voice

How to sing with mix voice

Learning how to sing in mix voice is truly the key to building a POWERFUL singing voice. Not only will middle voice (aka, your mix!) increase your power, it will allow you to increase your range, improve your resonance and really SING. We’ve all heard about Chest Voice vs Head Voice, aka our ‘low range’ and our ‘high range’ voices – but the secret, my friends, is to connect the two with an extensive and powerful MIX.

How to sing in mix voice

Singing in mix voice requires coordination and finesse – unfortunately there’s no ‘trick’ to discovering your mix, however, there are ways we can unleash our mix and start building our middle voices. My favourite two methods for discovering middle voice involve the concept of ‘projection’, if you prefer a visual approach like I do, or ‘classroom voice’ if you prefer a directly physical approach. Here’s a super simple tutorial I’ve put together to help you access your middle voice:

Are you accessing your mix now? Another fantastic way I like to help people access their middle voice is RELEASING your registers – if you can achieve the ‘see-saw’ effect of travelling between chest voice and head voice, then you already HAVE accessed your mix half way through, you just don’t realise it yet! The key here is to understand that it’s not an ‘extra’ coordination for your voice, it’s one you already have access too – but you’re overthinking it. Are you thinking about ‘singing in chest’, or ‘singing in head voice’? BAM! That’s where your mix resistance is coming from, because in essence, your mix isn’t actually a MIX of chest and head – it’s neither, so if you’re trying to ‘combine’ the two, you’ll never discover your middle voice. Middle voice isn’t a blend of chest and head voice – it’s a coordination of the two at the same time. Here’s another simple tutorial on turning your mix into a truly practical and powerful singing voice:

Four POWERFUL ways to access your mix coordination:

  • Projection
  • Classroom Voice
  • The CRY
  • Learn to control the See-Saw effect

Middle voice is simply a coordination between the muscles responsible for chest voice and those required for head voice, allowing you to sing with the rich depth of chest with the extensive range afforded by your head register. The mix register is a natural part of any singing voice, but we often lack the coordination to properly join these two main registers. Learning to access your mix register takes time, patience and professional training – make sure your approach to singing includes a practical and simple way to access your middle register.

By setting up a strong foundation, you ensure that the base your voice is built upon is strong and consistent – ready for the advanced and powerful techniques you’ll be laying on top of this concrete strong foundation as your singing technique progresses and you gain more experience singing.

Along with a powerful foundation, learning how to sing in mix voice requires you to develop specialised control over your onsets, learn how to tune your resonance, shape your vowels and of course develop an individual approach to your consonants. If you are ready to power up your middle voice and truly discover your mix, you can book a session with me today and I’ll SHOW you how it’s done!

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Kegan DeBoheme is Bohemian Vocal Studio’s resident vocal coach and voice expert. He teaches professional singing and voice technique to students all around the world and enjoys providing tutorials like this one on how to improve your voice.

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