How to sing vibrato correctly

How to sing vibrato correctly

“How do I sing with vibrato?” is a super popular question I’m often asked here at Bohemian Vocal Studio, and the simple answer is that you can’t “learn” how to sing vibrato – Vibrato is actually the result of healthy singing technique rather than a singing technique or trick in itself.

What is vibrato? Vibrato is the oscillation of frequencies around a central tone. Not to be confused with tremolo or trillo, in which the pitch wavers repeatedly, vibrato is actually a ‘release’ for your voice and only happens with a well placed, resonant and relaxed singing tone.

How do I get it? Quite simply, you can’t just “get it” fast – you have to earn vibrato by developing a healthy approach to singing. To develop singing vibratoWork on your breathing first, then placement and resonance, your vowels, proper support and release – don’t TRY to sing with vibrato, try to ‘release’ instead. Remember, singing vibrato isn’t a ‘trick’ or ‘technique’, it’s the result of good technique.

How can I sing without vibrato? Now this one is a kettle of fish. If you’re getting a vibrating/wavering sound when you sing and you’re not sure how to control it, my educated guess is that you’re actually singing with tremolo, not vibrato – tremolo is a learned (bad) habit of changing the pitch to ‘mimic’ a healthy vibrato, without any of the healthy benefits, and a much more shrill and annoying sound. If you’re not ‘releasing’ into your vowel correctly without strain, and you’re STILL getting this sound, the best thing to do is go back to your basic breathing steps and rebuild your technique bit by bit without the added strain of trillo.

I’ve put together a super simple tutorial on how to sing vibrato male or female correctly:

If you’re ready to build Vibrato in your voice the RIGHT way, and you want a healthy, resonant oscillation of your tones, you can book a session with me today and I’ll show you how to do it correctly.

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