Sing better by controlling the Soft Palate

Open throat singing aka how to control the soft palate

Learning to control the soft palate effectively is paramount to a healthy singing voice – as one of the only voluntary muscles associated with singing, the diaphragm and vocal chords being involuntary muscles, respectively, the soft palate can be thought of as the gateway to bright resonance, or as it’s sometimes called “the door to the nose”.

What is the soft palate?

First up, what exactly IS the soft palate? The soft palate is the soft, fleshy ‘flap’ at the back of your throat, attached to the hard palate (ie: roof of your mouth) that among other important tasks, controls airflow to your nose by either opening, or closing.

How do you control the soft palate?

Try breathing through your mouth ‘only’ – this is a closed soft palate. Now, try the same thing by breathing in through your NOSE only, this is an ‘open’ soft palate. The key to singing is learning to control the open/shut mechanism of the soft palate, while also keeping it raised to create space and allow resonance high into your head – this is the physical manner of open throat singing, or singing open throat. Check out the simple tutorial I’ve created below on controlling the soft palate:

Controlling the soft palate is the key to open throat singing and the best means for singing open throat for a powerful, resonance sound and less strain. I’m not personally keen on buzz words like ‘open throat singing’ as I find it confuses such a simple topic – but if you hear this term in your travels as a budding singer, then by all means bookmark this post for future reference!

But how do you sing actual SONGS like this?

You saw how easy it was for me to sing Cemetery Gates at the end of the above video – it’s so easy for me to do so BECAUSE I’m controlling the soft palate, not in spite of it. Learning to control the soft palate for singing open throat will increase your range, build your resonance and also release strain from your voice as you ascend.

Are you ready to learn more and build a POWERFUL singing voice by controlling your soft palate and singing open throat? Book a session with me now and we’ll work on this and many more powerful singing techniques together!

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