How to sing like Paul Rodgers Bad Company

How To Sing Like Paul Rodgers Bad Company

Known for his powerful middle range and consistent vocal delivery, Paul Rodgers is often called ‘The Voice of Rock’ with good reason. Over the span of a 45+ year career, Paul’s voice has never skipped a beat and his voice now is more powerful and much clearer than it was in his 20’s. Paul Rodgers Free albums often contained a more gritty and wild vocal delivery with a raspy tone that often gave way to full belt showing off his prowess as one of the greatest rock singers ever, where Bad Company albums often contained a much cleaner and more straightforward rock belt and really solidified Paul Rodgers as a historic figure in classic rock.

This tutorial will show you how to sing Paul Rodgers music with ease while building the same powerful and expressive singing technique that singer Paul Rodgers was known for.

Paul Rodgers Free and Bad Company Lead Singer

Paul Rodgers first sang for English blues rock band Free in the late 60’s in his tender teenage years and already possessed much of the powerful range at this stage that he eventually became famous for. Free has become one of my favourite bands ever, and along with singers like Chris Cornell and Layne Staley, Paul Rodgers has become one of the greatest influences in my own singing. The powerful vocal technique that he sang with left Paul Rodgers free of strain and in control of his voice no matter what style or range he sang in. If you wish to sing like Paul Rodgers Free era, then it’s important you set up the same powerful foundation that Paul Rodgers sang with.

Set up your foundation

Foundation is key in any strong singing technique and starts with posture, placement and healthy breathing. A strong posture in singing looks something like – head up, shoulders back, chin parallel with the floor and then the honorary extra step that will allow you to sing with Appoggio like Paul, widen your ribs. A great way to achieve this wide rib position is to raise your sternum without breathing in, you should feel your ribs widen and your stomach contract.

Keeping your ribs in this widened position when you breathe allows you to control your airflow solely through engagement of the diaphragm instead of the contraction of your ribs like we often do in speech. This powerful foundation will allow you to sing like Paul Rodgers on the classic Bad Company albums.

Build your Mix Register like rock singer Paul Rodgers

Paul Rodgers was known for his extensive and consistent middle range. This middle range can be exceptionally difficult to sing in until you develop your middle register, or what some call the MIX voice. The middle register is actually a coordination between the muscles responsible for chest and those that allow head voice, meaning that you are able to sing with the rich tone associated with the chest register while accessing the extensive range afforded by your head voice.

Paul Rodgers was a master at singing in middle voice, and this is especially evident in Paul Rodgers music from the early 70’s where his voice was powerful and full, but also relaxed at the same time – if you watch live footage from Free at the Isle of Wight festival in the late 60’s, you can see that Paul Rodgers stands with a healthy and strong posture, and very little effort actually goes into the powerful sound that he creates – this is due to his powerfully-built middle voice coordination.

As one of the original Bad Company band members, Paul Rodgers had a second chance at fame after Free had disbanded. With a more cocksure delivery and swagger, Paul Rodgers often sang in a fuller and more belted voice for Bad Company albums than the later Free records, and his voice more closely resembled the very first Free album Tons of Sobs once more with the powerful way in which he sang the bombastic rock anthems Bad Company were known for.

Shape your vowels like Paul Rodgers

You’ll notice that Paul Rodgers was able to sing any word and vocal phrase without shouting or losing the clarity of his vowels. This was in part due to the way that great singers like Paul create their vowel sounds – in speech, we often pronounce our vowel sounds using the articulators including the teeth, lips and tongue, whereas in singing your vowels are created by shaping the tongue in a specific manner for each sound and matching your vocal tract width to each corresponding vowel. This is actually pretty easy to do, and a great example of vowel shaping is by alternating between an EE vowel and an AH vowel. The EE vowel is created by raising the back of the tongue and singing with a moderately narrow vocal tract, where an AH vowel is created with a low and concave tongue with a relatively wider vocal tract – by alternating between these two common vowel sounds you will soon be able to control your tongue shape and tract width in a deliberate and consistent way, ensuring that every sound you sing with is efficient and powerful throughout your whole range.

Bad Company lead singer Paul Rodgers is one of the greatest Rock ‘n Roll singers ever due to the powerful mix of healthy and consistent vocal technique with his own unique and immediately recognisable style. Learning how to sing like Paul Rodgers takes time, practice and of course the right vocal approach.

Paul Rodgers age Related Stain

Paul Rodgers voice has remained strong and powerful over 50 years of rock singing, and his voice now is actually more clear and resonant than it was in his youth. Paul Rodgers age and constant touring have had no effect on his vocal health due to the healthy singing technique that he has developed over his career as Free and Bad Company singer.

If you want to learn how to sing like Paul Rodgers, starting with a strong foundation is the first step you need to take before moving on to Mixed Voice development and tuning of your vowel sounds up into the high range. With a mix coordination between your chest and head register you will be able to sing powerful chest voice notes high up into your range without the slightest effort.

How to sing like Paul Rodgers

Paul Rodgers sang with a powerful middle coordination and developed a strain-free approach to belting while retaining an element of release in his registers to ensure vocal health and consistency in his voice. You need to develop these techniques to sing like Paul Rodgers in a strain-free and powerful way:

  • Middle Voice (coordinate your TA and CT musculature)
  • Consonant Grouping
  • Coordinated onsets
  • Resonance placement
  • Vowel shaping and Tuning
  • Register Release
  • Appoggio Support
  • Strain and tension release
  • Natural Vibrato
  • Frequency Control
  • Twang

If you’re ready to power up your singing with these important techniques while learning how to sing like Paul Rodgers with professional rock singing lessons, you can get started with this exclusive mixed voice singing lesson; which will show you the exact process that i use to help my own students find and develop their mixed register by connecting chest and head voice to increase their range and improve their tone.

Isn’t it time you mastered The Four Vocal Fundamentals just like Paul Rodgers?

If you have any questions about how to sing like Paul Rodgers, please leave any feedback or questions below!

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