How to sing like James Hetfield

How to sing like James Hetfield

Growing up in the 80’s and early 90’s, there was one constant on my radio throughout all the years – Metallica. James Hetfield’s shrieking roar has been a huge influence on my own singing, along with being one of the first motivations to improve my voice and seek out better singing technique.

James Hetfield Sings with Mixed Voice

From day one, I was pretty blown away at how HIGH James could sing, and how it still managed to be powerful and full – especially with all that grit he is so well known for. What I didn’t realise then was there is another ‘secret’ vocal register that sits in between Chest Voice and Head Voice – the ‘middle’ or ‘mix’ register. Learning to control my mix has taken my super low natural baritone range way up into the high range while still retaining my ‘full’ voice and powerful sound.

I recently put together a video lesson detailing how I bridge my registers:

Learning to sing into my higher range with a full sound has taken training, perseverance and of course learning the RIGHT vocal techniques:

  • Diaphragmatic Breathing
  • Resonance
  • Middle Voice
  • Bridging registers
  • Compression
  • Frequency Control
  • Diction
  • Release, release, release!

Learn the RIGHT way to sing like James Hetfield

If you want a powerful, full sound without pushing and damaging your voice, it’s important that you learn the right techniques like middle voice and vowel positions. To get that full ‘roar’ in your voice and a THICK sound, you need to power up your middle voice. Here’s another video lesson I’ve put together that will not only show you how to bridge into your middle register, but also POWER IT UP!

Are you ready to build power in your middle voice and learn how to sing like James Hetfield? Book a Skype session with me now to increase your range and build power in your voice!

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