How to Sing Like Audioslave Lead Singer Chris Cornell

How to Sing Like Audioslave Lead Singer Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell was known for his extensive vocal range, powerful delivery and ability to sing in almost any style while retaining his own style and immediately identifiable vocal character. Learning how to sing like Audioslave lead singer Chris Cornell takes time but can be done with the right approach, consistent practice and a fair amount of persistence.

Believe it or not, Chris Cornell was actually a baritone, one of the lower male voice types – while he did possess a powerfully high range, this was due to great vocal technique and a knack for natural coordination that really made his voice soar with power and ease. If you’ve been wondering exactly how was Chris Cornell singing so high as a baritone, this tutorial will show you exactly how to sing like Chris Cornell and extend your range to sing Audioslave and Soundgarden songs with ease.

As you can see, singing like Audioslave singer Chris Cornell is easy with the right approach and great vocal technique – yes, even as a very low baritone like myself.

How to sing like Chris Cornell

If you want to learn how to sing like Chris Cornell, the first place to start is obviously your foundation – breathing, posture and vocal placement. Placement is one of the most important aspects of building your range, especially if you have a lower voice type and are a baritone like me. Placement is the concept of limiting any excess frequencies which aren’t beneficial to your singing voice so that you can then put all of your attention and energy into the healthy and powerful frequencies instead.

Extending your range like Chris Cornell takes time and practice, but can be achieved easily with properly tuned vowels, frequency control and of course strong support. By using the right vowel shapes and creating your words in the right manner, you encourage efficient frequencies and ultimately allow your voice to resonate in the right manner.

Soundgarden Lead Singer

Chris Cornell was also known as the original Soundgarden Lead Singer and grunge pioneer of the early 90’s. Soundgarden was different to Audioslave in many ways and really showed off Chris Cornell’s extensive vocal range and prowess as a singer. Learning how to sing like Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell takes time and practice, but is a simple process when you follow a steps-based approach and build your voice from the foundation up.

As you can see, Rock singing shouldn’t involve straining and struggling and can only be achieved through proper vocal technique and a confident voice. Soundgarden lead singer Chris Cornell is known as the greatest rock singer of all time and was known for the time and work he put into his voice to create the powerfully extensive and confident vocal range that we all know and love.

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Kegan DeBoheme is Bohemian Vocal Studio’s resident vocal coach and voice expert. He teaches professional singing and voice technique to students all around the world and enjoys providing tutorials like this one on how to improve your voice.

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