How To Sing In Mixed Voice

How To Sing In Mixed Voice

Have you ever wondered why your resonant and full chest voice ‘stops’ in the middle of your voice and flip up into a weak or breathy ‘head’ tone instead? If you want to make a full and powerful connection between chest and head voice, the key is to develop a Mixed Voice – a blend of resonance between both registers that allows you to sing with the powerful tone of chest voice while accessing the high range afforded by your head register.

Mixed voice is actually very easy to develop when you have the right tools. By creating a balanced environment for your voice by learning correct onsets, balanced registers and coordination between each unique element of the voice, you will achieve a powerful and pleasant mix tonality with regular practice and a bit of know-how.

I personally spent many years trying to find my mix voice using generic exercises like the common “Ma Ma Ma” or “Cry” techniques – and lets face it, these exercises don’t really work for anyone that doesn’t already have a mixed voice. After many years of struggling and lacking a mix voice, I finally found the answer to all my questions in a surprisingly simple process of elimination – basically, developing each aspect of the voice from vocal onsets right through to vowels, resonance and support individually, and only then learning to coordinate each element together with balance.

[one_third padding=”0 20px 0 0″][/one_third]After 20 years of developing my own mix voice, and another ten as a professional voice coach helping singers just like you find their mix – I now realise the whole process of learning how to sing can and should be simplified into a steps based manner to accommodate all voice types, languages and unique voice qualities, not just those lucky singers out there who already have a natural gift for singing – I know I sure wasn’t one of them when I was struggling to find my true voice so many years ago.

Having struggled for so many years with learning how to sing, I can honestly say that Mixed Voice has changed my life – how will it change your voice?

Start Singing With Mixed Voiced Today

With this exclusive Mix Voice Singing Lesson, you’ll learn the approach I’ve used to not only develop my own mix, but also help singers all around the world find their true voice by developing a mix tonality through the middle range, which will help you:

  • Connect Chest and Head Voice
  • Sing with power
  • Sing with consistency EVERY time they sing
  • Balance your onsets
  • Control timbre, tone and volume
  • Extend your vocal range beyond your wildest dreams
  • Sing ANY song
  • So much more!

With a rock solid foundation and a steps based approach to advanced concepts like Mix Voice, Vocal Placement, Vowel Modification, Resonance and more, your singing will improve exponentially with time, practice and the investment you make in your vocal technique. When you’re ready to learn how to sing in Mix Voice, join today’s exclusive Mixed Voice Singing Lesson.

If you have any questions about learning to sing with Mixed Voice, feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!


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