How to sing higher chest voice notes?

How to sing higher chest voice notes

“Sing higher chest voice” is in itself a dichotomy – your ‘chest’ register is intrinsically linked to your low range, and your ‘head’ register is linked to your high range. So how can you sing higher chest voice notes?

Well, the answer is actually in the question itself – you can’t actually pull your chest voice any higher than it’s designed to go…. BUT… did you know there is another mysterious register that actually sits between your chest voice and head voice? Herein lies the solution to your problem – learn to sing in MIDDLE or MIX VOICE and you’ll sing higher chest voices notes in no time at all.

It’s super simple really, rather than pressurising your vocal chords while they’re full length, they actually ‘zip up’ to a shorter length, but not a fully shortened length like Head Voice – if you train your voice to travel smoothly between full length, and fully shortened vocal chords, then you’ll be singing in the much sought after MIDDLE register rather than the much maligned “Pulled Chest” coordination.

Clear as mud?

Never fear, I’ve put together yet another tutorial on releasing your vocal chords into ‘middle’ coordination, it’s short, simple and absolutely practical:

Are you singing in a connected and released MIDDLE tone now? When you’re ready to power up your middle voice and learn how to soar like the pro’s, you can book a session with me personally.

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