How to sing higher chest voice notes

How to sing higher chest voice notes

Chest voice – it’s rich, it’s full, it’s resonance, but that ONE high note you’re reaching for is….. JUST out of reach. How do you sing higher chest voice notes? You’ve probably tried singing in a light ‘head voice’ before, but it just doesn’t have the same power, bite and character as your low range, so how can you hit those RICH sounding highs and sing higher chest voice notes?

The answer is simple:

Middle Voice

Learning to develop a rich and full “Middle” or “Mix” voice is the well kept secret that most online singing coaches try to sell to you in expensive courses. Not only will I explain WHAT it is and WHY we need it, I’ve also put together this free video tutorial on HOW to build it!

So we can think of Chest Voice is “Full Length Vocal Chords”, and head voice as “Fully Zipped Vocal Chords” – and Middle Voice (or “mix”) as partially zipped vocal chords, in between Chest and Head voice. You’ll still achieve the same rich, beautiful sound of Chest Voice, but without the need for pushing or straining to hit the highs! Middle Voice comes with the added benefit of connecting Head and Chest voice in a fluid way, so when you’re using this technique you’ll no longer experience a vocal break! Cool stuff, right?

Middle voice is actually the ‘natural’ vocal chord coordination that is lacking in most baritone singers, and even in untrained singers of higher voice types – it’s how your favourite singers seem to magically sing higher, and higher and higher…. without all the pushing you experience in your voice. Learning to sing with a powerful mix will totally change your understanding of “head voice versus chest voice” and leave you with a powerful ‘in between’ voice that has the ease of head, but power of chest.

It’s a super simple approach to implement, so if you’re ready to take your voice that next step further and build a POWERFUL middle voice that will unlock your potential as a singer, you can book a session with me personally and we’ll build your mix together!

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