How To Sing High Notes [Four Vocal Fundamentals For High Notes]

How To Sing High Notes [Four Vocal Fundamentals For High Notes]

Do you know why I became a voice coach?

Not many people would know this by listening to my music, but I really STRUGGLED with learning how to sing; in particular learning how to sing high notes.

The truth is, unlike most voice coaches out there and those super confident guys on YouTube who tell you that they're simply "better" than everyone else - I wasn't a natural, I definitely wasn't a confident singer and I'm certainly not a YouTube personality.

This has put me in a unique position to actually teach and coach others the process of actually improving their voices - not just being a great singer to begin with and wowing everyone with my natural vocal prowess.

Want to know what my secret is for singing high notes and how I became an incredibly confident singer and well respected voice coach after so many years of struggle and straining?

The Four Vocal Fundamentals

That's right, there wasn't a secret trick or advanced singing technique that I discovered that suddenly made me an awesome singer or the well respected voice coach I've become; it was all because of these four simple vocal fundamentals;

  • Height In The Vocal Tract
  • Forward Placement
  • "All In One Flow"
  • Mixed Tonality

Every single technique out there, from vowel modification to masque, to inhalare la voce to Appoggio stems from one of these four base vocal concepts and nothing more. Vowel Modification, resonance tuning, yawning, raising the soft palate, resonant space, tuning your vowels, register overtones - can all be boiled down into an extension of Height In The Vocal Tract for example, and balancing the TA and CT muscles, blending resonance, cry mode, and connecting chest and head voice all fall under the banner of Mixed Tonality.

There is literally NO OTHER SINGING TECHNIQUE that you will ever need that doesn't relate to these four simple vocal fundamentals - especially when it comes to singing high notes with ease.

How To Sing High Notes

As a guy with a fairly low voice naturally, singing high notes really felt like a pipe-dream when I first started learning how to sing. Having spent so many years and so much money learning how to sing even at the limited ability I had at the time really made me stop believing that I really had what it takes to be a great singer.

Was it vowel modification? Placement? Mixed Voice? Cry? Edge? Which advanced technique took me to that next level as a singer to make me the respected vocalist I am today?

Not one of them.

Remember, every single advanced vocal technique out there boils down into one of the Four Vocal Fundamentals; mastering these foundation elements was the true secret to unlocking my high range.

Learning to use the foundation that I had built with The Four Vocal Fundamentals was an absolute life changing experience as singer. I went from a guy with less than one octave of vocal range to 3+ octaves in a very short period of time using the simple premise of these super easy fundamental concepts.

Instead of continually telling you just how great it is to sing with such effortless power and freedom, let me show you - here's a few quick examples of my singing now that I've achieved vocal foundation using the Four Vocal Fundamentals; remember, I wasn't a natural and I absolutely lacked any high range at all with my naturally low voice - just imagine the killer voice that YOU are going to enjoy once you master these super simple vocal fundamentals!

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From this experience of spending thousands of dollars on singing lessons and wasting almost a decade of my life learning how to sing in the wrong way - I've developed the Foundation Vocal Method which will show you exactly how to;

  • Connect chest and head voice
  • Sing with mixed resonance
  • Develop the Four Vocal Fundamentals
  • Increase Your Range
  • Improve Your Tone
  • Form your vowels correctly
  • Place your frequencies
  • Warm up your voice effectively
  • SO much more

You can even get started right now with this exclusive Mixed Voice Singing Lesson which will show you the exact process that I use to help my own students connect chest and head voice to create Mixed resonance while increasing their range and improving their tone and consistency.

Singing is easy - when you have a rock solid vocal foundation.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Have you been wondering whether you really have what it takes to become a great singer? This Vocal Improvement Quiz will show you exactly where to invest your time and efforts to make the most of your singing voice while calculating your potential for improvement as a singer. Best of all it's quick, super accurate and most singers are absolutely SHOCKED by the results!

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