How to sing from your diaphragm

How to sing from your diaphragm

Learning to breathe via the diaphragm is the cornerstone of good singing technique – if you’re controlling your airflow and air pressure properly by extending the diaphragm, then your voice will be clear, free, powerful and resonant. If you’re not, then you’ll run into all sorts of issues with strain and tension…

Singing from the diaphragm, or, singing with diaphragmatic breathing is one of the first steps you should learn, along with posture, to building a healthy foundation for your voice.

Try it yourself – take a big breath. Do you feel your chest rise? That is definitely not breathing via the diaphragm. Now, try it again while imagining you’re breathing through a straw SUPER quick – do you feel your stomach extend? Bingo, that’s your diaphragm extending and creating a ‘vacuum’ of air which you can use to create a powerfully resonant singing voice.

Are you ready to power up that diaphragm and build a healthy and STRONG singing voice? If you’re sick of having a weak and breathy voice – then book a session with me today!

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