How to sing consonant sounds

How to sing consonant sounds

Learning to sing open vowels is one thing, but what about consonant sounds so you can actually pronounce your words properly? The key to creating consonant sounds lies in the way you control your soft palate, and the way you control your airflow.

To create an M or N consonant, you actually need to ‘open’ the soft palate so that the air escapes through your nose as you sing, similar to a hum, or the NG in the word “sing”. On the flipside, if you want to sing a W or a Y, you actually need to BLOCK OFF your nose by raising the soft palate so that no air enters your nose, only resonance is hitting your nasal cavity.

I’ve put together a really simply video lesson on controlling the soft palate below:

Learning to control your soft palate is not only key to creating your consonant sounds, but as you’ve seen in the video above it’s also an important part of creating your vowels and ascending into your higher range with ease.

To sing consonant sounds:

  • Separate them into types – nasal, plosive, sibilant, resonant and glottal
  • Learn to control your soft palate correctly for each
  • Hold BACK your air
  • Create resonance rather than a forced breathy or  sound

If you’re ready to nail your consonant sounds, you can book a session with me now and I’ll show you the most efficient way of keeping your voice open during consonants.

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