How to sing confident in 3 easy steps

How to sing confident in 3 easy steps

Singing confident and with consistency is one of keys to building a powerful and professional sounding singing voice. Singer confidence comes from BELEIVING in your technique and KNOWING that you can hit the note you’re going for, and you can do it without strain.

Singing confident can be difficult when you have self doubt about your technique – “I’m not sure that I can hit this” – which in turn effects how well you control the involuntary musculature in your singing mechanism, namely your vocal chords and the diaphragm.

How to sing confident

Step 1 – Acknowledge your self doubt (trust me here!). Whether you suffer from off pitch singing, throat strain, incorrect singing tone or even a nasal voice – you need to ackowledge that it’s there, and that you’re afraid of it happening, and here’s the trick:

You need to let it go.

I know, I know, it’s hard to let something go, especially when you have fears and doubts – but it’s incredibly important to let it go once you’ve acknowledged your self doubt. It’s similar to meditation – acknowledge that a thought is there, and just let it float on by without focussing on or obsessing over it.

Step 2 – Focus on your achievements  

Here’s where it starts to get interesting! Think about it – when you took your first singing lesson, or when you first saw one of my YouTube tutorials like the one above, it’s likely that you didn’t know how to keep a healthy posture, or how to breathe using the diaphragm, or how to sing your vowels correctly, or tune your vowels, or support your resonance – so many things that you now ‘know’ that you once did not know. We’re going to make a list, here’s a quick list of some of my achievements and things I’ve learned in the last 20 years of developing my singing voice:

  • How to breathe using the diaphragm
  • How to support my voice
  • How to sing a practical vowel sound – in fact, FIVE practical vowel sounds!
  • How to modify my vowels
  • How to TUNE my vowels
  • Deciphering classical terms like Inhalare La Voce and Appoggio into practical applications and technique
  • Singing HUNDREDS of songs that were once out of my reach, in so many ways
  • How to sing with twang
  • How to increase range and sing in a POWERFUL middle voice
  • Tons more…

See? It’s pretty easy. I like to think of singing as similar to learning how to drive a car. When you very first get your license, it’s likely that you’ll stall the car, MORE than once, right? You’re changing down gears, you go around a corner and you forget to indicate – it just all goes wrong! But as time goes by, these tricky processes to changing gears, indicating, using your brakes etc all become second nature – and you simply forget about how difficult it was when you first started! Singing is very similar, once we have a breakthrough in technique, or understand, it’s easy to forget where we started from, and just how much our voices have changed.

Looking at this huge list of positives and achievements, it outweights your once singular self dout by a mile, right? Acknowledge your self doubt, let it go, and then move on to the positives. Keep these positives in mind as we move on to step three. Sure, you have doubt about a word, or a pitch, or a tone – but once apon a time, you ALSO had self doubt about breathing, and vowels too – so you’ll see, with time and practice, you really CAN, and HAVE achieved any and everything you’ve put your mind to!

Step 3 – Shift your doubt

Similar to shifting the blame, shifting DOUBT is where we change the nature of your issue (this is the key!). For example, if you’re scared of hitting a particular pitch, you might change the VOWEL, or the SOUND that you’re creating and realise that actually, you CAN hit that pitch – albeit with a different vowel. Congratulations, you just shifted your doubt.

Lets imagine for a second that we’ve changed the difficult pitch from an “AH” to an “EE” and it’s now easier. Now that your doubt has changed from “Pitch” to “Vowel”, we need to do the same thing, perhaps even using a different, easier pitch, but with your new vowel (EE), and then changing BACK to our original vowel, AH. Incredibly enough, you’ve shifted the doubt from pitch, to vowel, then dissolved it completely by nailing the original vowel – whatever were you worried about in the first place?

Obviously, the original pitch and vowel may still be difficult for you and require some workshopping – but it should no longer by a self doubt nagging at you, it has simply become a ‘difficult phrase’ that you can easily tweak.

  1. Acknowledge your self doubt (and then let it go!)
  2. List your achievements and positives and compare this massive list to the TINY self doubt you’re holding onto
  3. Shift your doubt, repeatedly until your self doubt is gone, and you’re simply left with a ‘tricky’ vocal line

Now that your self doubt is gone, you’re ready to take your voice to the next level and unleash your middle voice, build your mix, tune your vowels, build a powerful tone and SO much more. When you’re ready to take your voice to the next level, you can book a Skype session with me today and I’ll show you how it’s done!

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