How To Practice Singing In A Way That Drives Results

How To Practice Singing In A Way That Drives Results

Obviously, the key to becoming a great singer is to practice, right? But HOW do you practice singing in a way that actually drives results?

Practice Practice Practice and “efficient practice” are actually two completely different things.

When you learn how to sing, you’re not just drilling scales to a metronome like you would if you were learning how to shred on guitar. Trust me, as a guitarist of 30+ years here who spent the better part of high school glued to a metronome, and then tried to apply the same Practice Practice Practice attitude to singing with miserable results for years, you’d be better off yelling into a cushion for hours on end than singing scales over and over again hoping for a better voice.

Do you want to know why learning how to play guitar, for example, is different to learning how to sing?

When you practice guitar for hours upon hours and improve your dexterity, speed and coordination, this results in an increased ability to play challenging phrases and build a unique style without fumbling for the next note. However, great singing isn’t exactly muscle memory in the same was as playing scales on a guitar will do for your fingers and hands – and I say that with the greatest respect to my own guitar heroes like Slash, Paul Kossoff, Jimmy Page and Angus Young – obviously a metronome and five hours locked in the woodshed each night simply isn’t going to give you even half of the ability and style these cats are know for; but, being a great singer is all about HOW you sing rather than how many times you’ve sung it over and over again.

And here we get the answer to how to practice singing in a way that drives REAL results – not just hours and hours down the drain irritating your neighbours.

When you practice singing – it’s important that you improve HOW you sing and form this improvement in your technique as a habit rather than just repeating the same actions and hoping they get better with time.

I should know – this was initially how I tried to learn to sing better.

In fact, my first few singing teachers just gave me scales and scales and scales and didn’t really teach me much beyond “breathe from the belly” and “yawn before you sing” – two pet peeves of mine as a voice coach who now has over a decade of coaching expertise under my belt.

How exactly is puffing your belly out and yawning going to help you sing when you don’t know HOW and WHY these actions are exactly meant to help you sing better?

^ And here’s the reason why your practice routine probably sucks currently.

Sure, your scales might sound a bit better with some practice – but because you’ve learned nothing about how a yawn engages and lifts the soft palate, and how breathing from the belly engages the diaphragm in a way that illustrates the way your air flows in a controlled way when you sing, when you try to sing a song after those hours, weeks, months or even years of practice, you’ll realise your voice still sucks.

It’s okay, it’s nothing to do with your voice, or your inability to become a great singer – it’s just that you’re not practicing in an efficient and informed way.

What To Practice To See SERIOUS Results

Honestly, you could take one vocal exercise like a lip trill or single vowel scale and build the world’s most IMMENSELY talented singing voice.

Or, you could take a whole A4 page of weird sound after weird sound and see zero results.

That’s because foundation is key to great singing.

It seems simple, I know, but this is “the big secret” that you’re looking for as a budding singer who is probably feeling like you just don’t have what it takes to become a better singer – when it’s really just your inefficient practice routing holding you back and making you spin your wheels.

Vocal foundation is actually super easy to develop, so easy in fact that I’ve put everything you’ll ever need to become a powerhouse singer into this one simple and practical tutorial on The Four Vocal Fundamentals;

If you’ve watched the video above already, you’re probably starting to realise that you’ve simply been practicing in the wrong way for quite some time.

You’ve been doing scales after scales and GOO GAH GUH MAH MOO MUH over and over again hoping for a breakthrough – but doing these exercises without;

  • Height In The Vocal Tract
  • Forward Placement
  • “All In One Flow”
  • Mixed Tonality

In essence building bad habits and poor technique instead of spending your time developing The Four Vocal Fundamentals.

Don’t worry, once you’ve had this absolute breakthrough in your practice routine – singing becomes much easier, much quicker to master and about a billion percent more fun.

If you want to see a Before and After of my own singing voice before and after I started practicing in this effective and efficient way that drives results, watch the video below and I’ll also show you the NUMBER ONE thing you’ll ever learn as a singer beyond The Four Vocal Fundamentals (you can also watch the full video here)

Having BIG DREAMS as a singer means you need a BIG VOICE to match – watch the video above to hear my “before and after” and learn how you’re going to build a big voice too!

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