How To Practice Singing At Home

How To Practice Singing At Home

Learning how to sing at home has many benefits - whether you prefer working through an online vocal course at your own pace or with online Skype singing lessons from afar - why go local when you can go global?

When I first started learning how to sing, I felt pretty limited by the amount of singing teachers available in my area - all of which were classical teachers when my heart was really set on singing rock. Not only was my choice limited, I realise now that having to wait a week or month until my next lesson to ask questions or get some help was highly detrimental to my progress as a singer - because I continued to practice singing at home incorrectly and built bad habit after bad habit while waiting patiently for my next half hour singing lesson to come along in a week's time.

This is why learning how to practice singing at home correctly is so important.

I threw technique after technique at my voice and tried almost every vocal method under the sun that was available at the time - but my voice continued to fail me every time I tried to sing an actual song. My pitch would be okay but I'd forget about breath support, or my support would be great but I'd pronounce the vowel incorrectly, or I'd nail the placement but lose connection between the registers - in essence, my foundation sucked.

Want to know exactly what changed everything for me as a singer?

It wasn't vowel modification, or edge, or compression, or cry - or even one particular vocal method, it was;

The Four Vocal Fundamentals

The Four Vocal Fundamentals are the root foundation of EVERY great singing voice, from Aretha Franklin to Chris Cornell; every single vocal technique out there relates directly to these four basic vocal fundamentals;

  • Forward Placement
  • Mixed Tonality
  • "All In One Flow"
  • Height In The Vocal Tract

You can try it yourself right now by singing a line of any song you like; did you make any mistakes?

You'll notice that any little mistake you made is actually related to one of these four Vocal Fundamentals. If you were pitchy, it's likely you're lacking Forward Placement. If you're pushing and straining, you're lacking Height In The Vocal Tract. If your voice flipped into falsetto on the higher notes you're lacking Mixed Tonality and if you were breathy or strained you probably weren't singing "All In One Flow"

As you can see, these four vocal basics really do play a part in every sing issue you're experiencing as a singer. A great example is how Vowel Modification, Yawning, Raising The Soft Palate and Narrowing The Vowel are ALL simply an extension of singing with Height in The Vocal Tract.

With The Four Vocal Fundamentals, you can ensure that you're practising singing at home correctly every time you sing.

How To Learn The Four Vocal Fundamentals

Learning The Four Vocal Fundamentals is easy - The Foundation 101 course here at Bohemian Vocal Studio is developed around these four basic fundamentals and will show you how to;

  • Connect chest and head voice
  • Place your voice
  • Form your vowels correctly
  • Create Height In The Vocal Tract
  • Master The Four Vocal Fundamentals
  • Support your voice
  • Extend your range
  • Improve your tone
  • Warm up your voice effectively
  • Practice singing at home
  • SO much more!

With The Foundation 101 singing course you can ensure that you're practising singing at home correctly every single time you sing.

Master The Four Vocal Fundamentals

With the Foundation 101 Course

Foundation 101 is AMAZING!


Top shelf sing-ninja wisdom! All kinds of awesome.


My progress has been pretty epic!


Instead of continually telling you just how amazing it is to sing with effortless freedom, power and range, let me show you - here's just a few examples of what I'm achieving now that I've mastered The Four Vocal Fundamentals; just imagine the killer singing voice you're going to enjoy once you master these basics!

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Master The Four Vocal Fundamentals

With the Foundation 101 Course

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