How to NOT Sound Nasally When You Sing



Sing brighter! More forward! Put some edge into it! Twang! <- These are all things you've heard before.

But what if you want to not sound nasally when you sing?

What if you want a rich, deep tone?

A rounded, warm delivery?

I'm here to show you that there's a huge difference between a bright, healthy, powerful tone and pure ugly nasality when you sing.

They aren't mutually exclusive - brightness in your vocal tone, singing "forward" if you will, doesn't actually cause a nasal tone when you sing, true nasality really has one root cause when you sing;

The velar-pharnygeal port.

Never heard of it?

Well, these are the kind of things that you absolutely MUST learn to become a great singer - but most teachers out there brush off without an afterthought.

Because they're naturals.

They were ALWAYS good singers.

They didn't struggle with nasality like you do - and like I did too.

Until I discovered there was MORE to vocal training than just "sing forward and hope for the best" and "breathe from your belly" - in fact, there's a whole world of practical vocal training waiting for you once you move past those mainstream, 'hit and miss' vocal methods that you've probably tried a hundred times.

But if it's so important, WHY haven't you heard of it before, and WHY isn't anyone talking about it?

Well, because singing is actually very easy once you have all the information, you have all the puzzle pieces and there's nothing left to market or sell to you.

This scientific study shows that the velarpharyngeal port is predominantly closed in a well trained singer, and often open when these same people spoke.

So if you've been wondering whether Speech Level Singing, or simply put "sing like you speak" is a real thing - science proves otherwise.

That's the problem with your run-of-the-mill voice teacher who was a total natural - they just aren't great at teaching it to you because they didn't have to work for it themselves.

It really isn't their fault, they just aren't armed with the same powerful information that YOU now possess: There's an easier, more effective and much more PRACTICAL way to learn how to sing.

And I want to give it to you.


Seriously, I'm about to take you through my own personal experience learning how to sing over many years, working through the struggle and strain to true ability and a genuine understanding for how to teach others exactly how to become a better singer.

Watch the video below to learn the #1 most important thing you're EVER going to learn as a singer;

(Oh yeah, there's also a super embarrassing "before and after" of my own singing that you're going to love!)

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