How to Learn Singing (without going broke)

How to Learn Singing (without going broke)

Learning to sing can be an expensive and confusing business, with so many pricey courses out there and all that conflicting information – where do you even start? If you’ve ever trawled through YouTube singing tutorials, no doubt you’ve found more advertisements and marketing for courses than actual practical tips and techniques for how to sing better. Fortunately, there is an easier (and cheaper!) way to learn singing without going broke.

Singing is ultimately a process of balance and coordination rather than a muscular feat, something that those expensive YouTube gurus often lie to you about with their seemingly muscular renditions of your favourite songs. There is no such thing as a ‘gifted’ singer, only those that possess a natural aptitude towards the coordination required for good singing, and most importantly, there’s definitely NO secret to singing, and especially no secret to be learned in a singing course or YouTube vocal academy.

The key to great singing is to build a strong foundation and develop your range and control from there. Are you ready to learn singing without going broke?

Foundation is key to great singing

This isn’t groundbreaking information I’m sure, but it’s one of the most overlooked aspects of singing and often brushed over by singing coaches who want you to feel like they ‘have’ something that you need, or they ‘know’ something that you don’t know. Remember, there is no such thing as the ‘secret’ to great singing, only great practice, practical advice and consistent training will get you to your goals and ultimately give you the voice of your dreams.

Foundation in singing involves posture, breathing and placement. A great place to start is the free foundations short courses available in the top right menu bar here at Bohemian Vocal Studio – these free courses will show you how to set up the strongest singing foundation known to man and ultimately set you up for a powerful and consistent singing voice.

YouTube singing tutorials (that actually SHOW you how to sing)

Sick of all those “how to sing like” YouTube guru videos that wow you with a $$$ recording studio cover, but end with “The answer is my course guys!” before any pearls of singing wisdom are actually shared? Fortunately, not all YouTube channels are about flashy marketing and hocking expensive courses – Bohemian Vocal Studio’s YouTube channel is full of practical and useful singing tutorials that illustrate, demonstrate and provide you with practical tips that will help YOU sing better and improve YOUR voice.

From vocal placement through to complicated topics like Appoggio and breath support, our YouTube tutorials are one of the ONLY channels out there actually showing people how to sing better themselves. We’ve also started adding some vocal covers with full rundowns too, so while you might be impressed by the singing too, the point is to SHOW you guys how to actually sing these songs yourself and better your own vocal technique.

Free troubleshooting guides

In the right hand navigation bar you’ll see an extensive list of troubleshooting topics from vowels, breathing, resonance, onsets and SO much more. These free troubleshooting guides are constantly growing over time, so make sure you check in often to troubleshoot any issues you might be experiencing in your voice. Of course, these guides are also a spectacular accompaniment to Skype Sessions with Kegan here at Bohemian Vocal Studio directly.

Along with the free troubleshooting guides, we’re constantly adding guides to specific singers, such as Bon Jovi, Chris Cornell, Adele etc – you’ll also find these in the right hand navigation bar near the troubleshooting guides.

Free feedback and vocal appraisals

Got a question about one of the troubleshooting guides, or perhaps a topic we haven’t gotten to yet? No sweat! You can use the “leave a reply” button at the bottom of each guide and post here at Bohemian Vocal Studio to ask me a question directly or add your own experience or feedback after trying out the practical and useful techniques we’ve developed and shared with you here at Bohemian Vocal Studio.

You’re also welcome to shoot through a short clip of your singing or a specific issue you’re experiencing in your voice and I’ll let you know where your technique and approach might need some tweaking to improve your singing.

How to learn singing

Singing itself is actually a very simple process, but learning how to sing is often over-complicated or shrouded in mystery by archaic terms and techniques and those selling overpriced guru courses that deliver very few of the results that they promise. Fortunately, Bohemian Vocal Studio aims to teach singing in the most practical, useful and simple manner while providing affordable and free resources for those of you who are SERIOUS about learning to sing, but don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket.

If you want to learn singing without going broke, the best place to start is theĀ free foundations short courses here at Bohemian Vocal Studio along with referring to the troubleshooting guides to your right while asking questions at any time on any guide or post using the “leave a reply button”. Then when you’re ready to take your singing to the next level with professional voice coaching you can book a Skype Session and we’ll get started improving your tone and building your range!

Do you have any questions about learning how to sing? Feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!

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