How to hit high notes singing powerfully

How to hit high notes

There’s a number of different approaches to increasing your singing range – from vowel modification, my own personal approach of vowel positions and vowel tuning, right through to scales and excersises that build resonance over time.

What is the easiest way to hit high notes?

You can hit high notes singing with POWER by following these simple steps:

#1 Breathing

Learn to breathe properly (I know, i know – it’s a no brainer) using your diaphragm and support mechanism. I have a free short course on breathing here.

#2 Vowels, vowels, vowels!

Learn the proper tongue positions for each of the vowel sounds, and you’ll be singing any word, in any style, with ease! Check out the short video below for an easy way to develop your vowel sounds:

#3 Tune them up!

Now that you’re hitting the right vowel sounds, it’s time to tune them up! You can try it yourself by narrowing, or widening each vowel sound as you head towards your vocal break – you’ll find that one way or the other you’ll naturally surpass your break with ease. How cool is that? This is called vowel modification, or vowel tuning. Here’s another simple tutorial on how to tune your vowels:

Are you ready to POWER UP that high range and really nail your vowel tuning? When you’re ready to sing higher and more powerfully than you could ever have imagined, you can book a session with me here at Bohemian Vocal Studio and I’ll SHOW you how it’s done!

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