How to hit high notes singing powerfully

How to hit high notes

There’s a number of different approaches to increasing your singing range – from vowel modification, my own personal approach of vowel positions and vowel tuning, right through to scales and excersises that build resonance over time.

What is the easiest way to hit high notes? You can hit high notes singing with POWER by following these simple steps:

#1 Breathing

Learn to breathe properly using your diaphragm and support mechanism. I have a free short course on breathing here which will help you engage and develop control of your diaphragm and the muscles needed for powerful breathing.

#2 Vowels, vowels, vowels!

Learn the proper tongue positions for each of the vowel sounds, and you’ll be singing any word, in any style, with ease! Check out the short video below for an easy way to develop your vowel sounds:

#3 Tune them up!

Now that you’re hitting the right vowel sounds, it’s time to tune them up! You can try it yourself by narrowing, or widening each vowel sound as you head towards your vocal break – you’ll find that one way or the other you’ll naturally surpass your break with ease. How cool is that? This is called vowel modification, or vowel tuning. Here’s another simple tutorial on how to tune your vowels:

How to sing high notes

If you’re still having trouble learning how to sing high notes, then it’s likely you’re simply missing a vital piece of foundation somewhere along the way. Lets take it step by step so you can learn how to sing high notes with POWER and CONFIDENCE!

Posture Your foundation starts with your posture, so make sure you set up the proper singing posture first:

  • Head up
  • Shoulders back
  • Chin Level with the floor
  • Ribs out

Learning to sing with your ribs OUT is a really special skill that will allow you to control your breathing via extension of the diaphragm, rather than your ribs acting like bellows and expelling your air on contraction. A great way to set your ribs in a wide position is to RAISE your sternum without breathing in – can you feel how your ribs widen and your stomach contracts? Congratulations, you’re now singing with a wide rib position, often referred to as Appoggio – all you need to do is engage the diaphragm and you’re ready to go!

Vocal placement – Placement is very important for your foundation, and involves LIMITING the excess frequencies you might be creating that resonate below your top teeth. Not to be confused with MASQUE singing technique where you aim to create frequencies in a specific air of your face, it’s important to understand that placement actually means to LIMIT your frequencies

Vowel Modification – Vowel Tuning can be a confusing subject when you’re first learning, so as a basic introduction to tuning your resonance, Vowel Modification is a simple way to learn how to tune your vowels. Often way too general and inefficient to tune vowels into your high range, Vowel Modification is the intent of changing the sound of your vowel from the throat, in essence changing your AH vowel into an OH and then an OO to allow for the best use of your resonance as you ascend. If you can learn how to MODIFY your vowel in this manner, and then break it down into the individual elements that make this subtle change in your throat – your tongue your, the soft palate and proper control of your registers, you will soon learn how to tune your vowels the RIGHT way. Here’s an easy tutorial that will show you how to tune those vowels in the proper manner!

Releasing your registers

Releasing your registers should be the very FIRST thing you practice each day. The most common way that most students are taught to release their registers is by using a lip trill or lip bubble – but I personally find that an “N” or “NG” sound is much more efficient in the long run, and much easier to do for most singers. All you need to do is get rid of the ‘catch’ or ‘flip’ that you feel in your middle register and make a proper bridge so that you can connect chest voice and head voice – from there you can extend your middle register and truly GROW your voice into a powerhouse. Combined with a properly tuned vowel, controlling your registers and accessing your MIX will show you how to sing higher than ever before!

Are you ready to POWER UP that high range with MIX voice and really nail your vowel tuning? When you’re ready to sing higher and more powerfully than you could ever have imagined, you can book a session with me here at Bohemian Vocal Studio and I’ll SHOW you how it’s done!

Feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!

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