How to increase your singing range by two octave in THREE MONTHS (or less!)

It only takes 3 months to


I’m serious.

Try this out for 12 weeks and I absolutely guarantee you’ll increase your singing range by two octaves.

I’ve found this to be the gold standard for such an intensive timeframe.

Around two octaves, maybe a little more, maybe a little less.

But generally, it takes around three months to build two octaves of singing range.

Now, if you’ve already got a Freddie Mercury style range with 8 octaves, I probably can’t do much for you at this point.

But if you’ve been taking singing lessons for a bit, you’ve bought a course or two, you’ve been spending a bit of time on YouTube – or even if you’ve never sung before in your life; then I’ve got something magic to share with you about your voice;

Your potential is limitless.

I’m serious.


And I should know…

… Because I absolutely SUCKED as a singer.

Less than an octave of range with a low voice to begin with – I really didn’t have anything going for myself when I first started learning how to sing some 20 years ago.

Basically, I was your classic “guitarist who can’t be bothered finding a singer for their band”.

Does that ring a bell for you?

I didn’t even WANT to be a singer to begin with.

I just had no choice.

I auditioned a bunch of singers for my band at the time – there was the 80’s glam metal guy with the bandanna, there was the goth guy, there was the guy that just started taking singing lessons, there was the guy who couldn’t sing at all, there was the trve metalhead, there was the guy in the 3/4 chinos and deck shoes; but noone was “just right” the way I wanted for my songs.

So I just did the damn vocals myself.

And that’s really where I started from as a singer.

So all the crazy growth I’ve enjoyed in my singing; something like <1 octave to four full octaves of connected power – is just gravy with a cherry on top.

And this is really where you’re at as a singer.

You have NO IDEA about your full potential as a singer.

And how could you?

It just seems like roadblock after roadblock, right?

So you obviously feel like you’re at an impasse, maybe you don’t have what it takes, maybe you’re just not a ‘natural’ singer and maybe your favourite singers are just ‘special’ in some unspoken way that you’re not?

But I can tell you that all of that is absolute BS.

Because I’ve been at this professionally for over a decade now – and I didn’t even WANT to be a singer when I first started.

My highest note was about an F3, maybe a G3 if I yelled REALLY loud.

And after ten years of singing lessons it was about a G4 to A4 – and much the same about yelling REALLY loud.

But my whole approach as a singer has absolutely changed.

This isn’t a game of “lift weights = get muscles”.

It’s a game of “sing in the right way = get great singing voice”

And that’s really what I wanted to share with you in the video below.

The RIGHT way to sing – the fundamental workings of your singing voice.

Watch now to master The Four Vocal Fundamentals once and for all:

Now, what about this “three month” business?

I’m about to get to that.

I’ve put together another special video that is NOT available on my YouTube and is only available here on the website using this link.

Hit the link below to learn the #1 most important thing you will EVER learn as a singer.

And if you apply the technique I’m about to share with you in this video, I absolutely guarantee that you’ll see a serious amount of growth in your voice in not only 3 months – but in 30 days.


Check out the video now, take notes and make sure you apply what I’m about to share with you: Big Dreams? You need a BIG VOICE to match [VIDEO]



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