How To Get More Vocal Range Without Pushing and Straining [In 30 Days or less]

How To Get More Vocal Range Without Pushing and Straining

[In 30 Days or less]


It's a bold claim, I know - but one I'm happy to back up with empirical proof and examples.

This isn't a "and get a free set of steak knives" kind of promise, or one of those "anyone can sing!" ads you've probably seen going around, I'm quite literally going to take you through the process that you need to take to build more range and a better voice in 30 days.

Now, I'm obviously not saying that you'll be playing Madison Square Garden in four weeks time; but I am saying with absolute confidence that you really WILL see a solid improvement in your singing ability and a marked increase in your range in 30 days if you follow the approach I'm about to share with you to the letter.

None of this "oh, but X says this instead" or "I saw a guy on YouTube..." or "But Wikipedia says X" or "it sounds better when I do X" kinda thing - I'm talking about literally following EVERY step I give you word for word for 30 days.

And you might be wondering why exactly you should do what I say, or even if you should keep reading on - and sure, these are valid questions, but don't take my word for it.

My vocal studio is regularly featured in Top Ten Lists alongside the world's most famous vocal methods like Christina Aguilera's Masterclass and "Hollywood Coach To The Stars" Roger Love,

Other voice coaches with tens of thousands of subscribers of their own are saying that "Bohemian Vocal Studio is the ONLY singing school to trust 100%" and "The Best Vocal Coach Ever"

I can almost hear you thinking "Yeah yeah, we get it dude - you're good at lip trills... so what?" - but even I'm blown away by the incredible feedback, comments and praise my singing gets now that I've mastered the simple key to great singing that I'm about to share with you;

Now, you didn't come here just to hear about how great someone else's voice is, or how universally respected my teaching approach is - you came here to learn how to sing better, and that's exactly what I'm going to help you to do.

So let's start by talking the absolute basics of singing, The Four Vocal Fundamentals;

  • Height In The Vocal Tract
  • Forward Placement
  • "All In One Flow"
  • Mixed Tonality

I'm serious - absolutely EVERY sing technique, concept, trick and term out there relates directly to just one of these simple vocal fundamentals.

Vowel Modification helps you achieve Height In The Vocal Tract. Twang and Edge help you sing with Forward Placement to bring the voice out of the throat. Diaphragmatic breathing helps you achieve "All In One Flow" breathing so that your resonance isn't interrupted. Cry, Middle Voice and connecting Chest and Head Voice are simply ways to help you sing with Mixed Tonality.

You don't need all those fancy terms, all that marketing bunk, all those classical terms like Appoggio, Inhalare La Voce blah blah blah - but what you DO need to do right now, if you're serious about becoming a better singer in 30 days of less, is Master The Four Vocal Fundamentals;



Risk Free Vocal Growth Guarantee

If you watched the full video above, no doubt you learned more in a <10 minute coaching video than you've learned from YEARS of trawling YouTube videos or even forking out for weekly singing lessons.

And I promised to give you a link to the full course where I'll help you develop The Four Vocal Fundamentals in your own voice.

But I'm going to do one better than that by throwing in the Growth Level course AND a Skype Session at a fraction of the cost.

If we're talking intrinsic value, then the courses themselves are worth around three months of weekly Skype coaching sessions with me each, so something like $1,440 per course, plus an extra Skype lesson thrown in for good measure at $120 USD.

Foundation 101 - Valued at $1,440 USD

Growth 101 - Valued at $1,440 USD

Skype Session - Valued at $120 USD

Total - $3,000 USD

And not only am I going to give you my 30 day Risk Free Vocal Growth Guarantee - basically, if you follow my instructions to the letter, book your session with me and you haven't seen the slightest improvement, zilch growth and you see no value in what you've learned; I'll refund you the cost of the courses.

One better than that, until my Skype calendar is full for September, 2022, I'm going to obliterate my profit margin by slashing the price;

$3,000 USD $349 USD

Now, at this rate - that's barely enough to cover what I spend on hosting this site plus internet and studio costs for our session together; not to mention the tens of thousands of dollars that I've personally spent on learning how to sing myself, and the years (oh the YEARS!) of practice, practice, practice that it's taken to get to this point.

So honestly, I can't keep it at this rate for much longer - and if I didn't believe it was possible, I wouldn't give you this crazy deal with such a CRAZY offer of a refund if your voice doesn't budge an inch in the next 30 days. You can read the full terms and conditions/FAQ for the 30 day guarantee here.

Vocal Growth in 30 Days

  • Connect chest and head voice
  • Develop Mixed resonance
  • Form your vowels properly
  • Learn Vowel Modification
  • Develop Compression
  • Sing consonant sounds properly
  • Increase your range
  • Improve your tone
  • Warm up your voice more effectively
  • SO much more

Invest In Your Voice

No Risk Vocal Growth Guarantee


Now let's talk about that 30 Day Guarantee.

It's not for "anybody" - you have to apply yourself.

It's going to take practice, work and perseverance.

You're going to need my guidance.

It's ONLY available on the Foundation/Growth/Session pack.

You absolutely MUST follow everything I tell you to do in both courses and the Skype session for 30 days - without fail (The logins are tracked, so I'll know if you've logged in once and decided it was all too hard and asked for a refund a few weeks later).

The refund applies to the course portion only and the session is non refundable for obvious reasons (my time!).

But, I'm certain that if you take the courses away, work on them diligently and carefully - then get my feedback in a couple of weeks in the Skype session; then you will see growth in your voice.

We're not talking 9 octaves of range and a razor sharp Chris Cornell tone in such a short time; that's going to take a little longer - we're talking serious growth in your ability and understanding of the voice. But, if you try the courses, you apply yourself to the approach and the guidance I give you in the Skype session and your voice doesn't budge even an inch - I'll refund the course portion, no questions asked.

Basically, you've got nothing to lose and all the risk is mine.


PS. There's One More Thing

If that insane deal and guarantee isn't enough for you, there's one more incredible piece of advice I want to share with you.

In fact, it's the #1 most important thing you're EVER going to learn as a singer.

Vowel Overtones.

Vowel Modification.

Resonant Space.

If you're not yet sold on the 30 day vocal challenge above, that's totally fine - I've got a three part vocal plan I'd love to share with you to sweeten the deal, no obligations.

Not only am I going to drop a serious insider TRUTH BOMB in this video, I'm also going to show you a "before and after" of my own singing voice before I mastered what I've shared with you today - and what I'm betting you can get a solid grip on in the next 30 days if you apply yourself.

Watch the video below for a "Before and After" of my own singing voice (you'll see me straining and squeaking like crazy - then fast forward to the effortless, extensive range I enjoy today) as well as the secret key to develop register overtones with Vowel Modification PLUS I'm going to set you up with a special Three Part Vocal Plan which is going to help you develop vowel modification in your own singing too.

Sign Up To Your 3 Part Vocal Plan


We're talking over three GRAND worth of value in the Foundation 101/Growth/Skype Session pack - and that's not counting the life time of healthy, fantastic singing you're going to enjoy after the fact.

Think of this as an investment in your voice. An investment in your future as a professional singer. An investment in your future as a life-long musician.

I'll even throw in my limited time "Risk Free Vocal Growth Guarantee"

Seriously, if you follow the process to a "T" over the next 30 days, we meet over Skype and you follow everything to the letter and you see no progress, nada, absolutely zilch improvement in your singing at all; I'll refund the cost of both courses.

But this is ONLY available until my calendar is full for September, 2022, and then it's back to the full (and rightly so) price.

$3,000 USD $349 USD

Update: Limited spots remaining as of September 29, 2022


Vocal Growth in 30 Days

  • Connect chest and head voice
  • Develop Mixed resonance
  • Form your vowels properly
  • Learn Vowel Modification
  • Develop Compression
  • Sing consonant sounds properly
  • Increase your range
  • Improve your tone
  • Warm up your voice more effectively
  • SO much more

Invest In Your Voice

No Risk Vocal Growth Guarantee

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