How to get a better singing voice

How to get a better singing voice

You know you have it ‘in you’ to be a great singer, you’ve tried a few tips from YouTube, or maybe even taken a few singing lessons from a local singing teacher – but why is it still so hard to sing? Why is it so EASY and EFFORTLESS for others to sing, when you’ve tried so many things that have been unsuccessful?

The truth is – no two voices were created equal. That’s not to say you can’t reach the same soaring heights as the next singer, or your favourite group, it just means that perhaps you need a different APPROACH to singing. Some say Tomato (Toe-May-Toe), others say Tomato (Tuh-Muh-Toe), it’s the same word but two different approaches.

Okay okay, maybe the fruit/veg analogy isn’t my best work – but in short, what might be right for one person may not be right for the next person, even if they’re trying to achieve the same thing.

Your voice is unique, it has it’s own quirks, it resonates in it’s own way… so don’t contort your voice with confusing exercises and pointless scales – get to the root cause of your issues and find an approach that targets the things your voice needs in the way you need them.

When I first started singing, I was told “your voice is too low” and told I should focus on the Johnny Cash end of things (hey, I love Cash!) and forget my dreams of soaring into the heavens like my favourite rock singers Chris Cornell and Paul Rodgers. Slowly over time, I realised it wasn’t my voice that was holding me back – it was that stuffy approach! My baritone voice has not only opened up and now reaches well into the Tenor range and higher, I’m now a professional vocal coach myself, and my simple steps-based approach is now being used all around the world as we speak!

As you’ve seen in the above video, it’s super important to understand WHY you’re practicing certain exercises, and important to understand ‘what the end goal is’ so that you can make definite progress rather than just floundering about with the same boring scales and wondering why you’re wasting your time with them.

Focus on the three core muscles of the singing mechanism first, the diaphragm, the vocal chords and the soft palate – and I assure you you will make WAY more progress in a week than you have in the past few years. It’s not necessarily “How to get a better singing voice” or “what is the secret to great singing” – the trick is to build your technique efficiently without any fluff or excess training that is likely undoing all your hard work.

Keep. It. Simple. Sam!

Beyond this, you then need to troubleshoot your voice by focusing on all the ‘secondary’ muscles like the tongue, digastric muscle and intercostals to make sure you’re not engaging extra musculature, and letting your voice release freely with resonance. From there you would build muscle memory and familiarity with vowel positions, proper placement and finally delivery so you can really let loose with your powerful new voice!

If you’re ready to power up your singing voice and develop and approach which is proven and is now used all around the world – book a session with me now.

Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback below!

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