How to get a better singing voice

You know you’ve got it within you somewhere, there’s even been times when you’ve achieved a killer and effortless tone by accident – but why is it so inconsistent between days? This begs the question;

How to get a better singing voice!

Technique, technique, technique – having a well definted approach and technique for everything that your voice has thrown at it will make you much more consisten and will ‘build’ your voice over time into an absolute powerhouse. It’s a simple concept, but there’s quite a few moving parts in a great singing voice;

  • Diaphragmatic Breathing
  • Diction and enunciation
  • Adduction and chord closure
  • Modified vowels and vowel positions
  • The concept of “inhale” vs “exhale”
  • Breath support and compression
  • Consonant Sounds
  • Resonance and Tone

Learn to breathe properly

It goes without saying that you should be breathing by using your diaphragm, not just sucking air into your lungs. You can try it yourself by imagining you’re breathing in quickly through a straw that is being held in your lips – do you feel how the breathe is immediately ‘lower’ and more in your stomach than in your chest?

Bingo – that’s diaphragmatic breathing. Diaphragmatic breathing and posture are covered in the first session that I take with a new student, if you’d like to work on your breathing you can book a Skype session with me today in the booking calendar to your right!

Learn to sing with open vowels

An open throat goes a long way towards a better voice, and by open throat, I really mean “vowels” – AA/AH/EE/EH/OO, the only vowels you’ll ever need. Try it yourself by singing ONLY those vowels, nothing else – your voice improves, right? Sure, it sounds a tad unnatural, but with a proper approach and powerful singing technique singing open vowels like this will make singing MUCH easier in the long run and truly build your voice!

Resonance and Placement

Placement and resonance are connected – try singing “above” your mouth rather than “out” of your mouth (trust me – it sounds like a weird thing to do, but it’ll work!), do you feel how the resonance sits up behind your nose and it makes it much easier and more powerful when you sing? That is placement. The healthier your voice is, the easier it will be to ‘place’ your voice – this is especially important for baritone singers who want to learn how to get a better singing voice – placement is absolutely key.

Now, resonance itself is more the result of good singing technique rather than a technique itself – try to hold an “N” sound, it’s resonant behind your nose rather than breathy and ‘plosive’ like a “P” or “B” sound, right? Now, try to transition from an “N” straight into one of those vowels I showed you earlier, can you feel how the vowel is actually ‘resonant’ rather than breathy when we talk? This is part of the “Inhale” concept – your voice should be STATIONARY in your head rather than being blown out of your mouth – this is resonance 101.

Your singing voice is only as good as your technique.


If you’re ready to develop a powerful singing voice and develop the above concepts and more, you can book a session with me now in the calendar to your right!

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