How to fix a NASAL singing voice!

How to fix a nasal singing voice!

A nasal voice is the worst, right? You’ve put in all of this hard work to your technique – building range, developing your breath support and spending weeks and months on the basics just to get to a point where you can ‘stand’ your voice – but it’s still coming out really NASAL… but why?

Let’s fix it!

Nasality isn’t a natural characteristic of anyone’s singing voice – it’s a result of poor technique, and most importantly, shows a lack of control over one of the BIG THREE singing muscles, the soft palate (the others being the diaphragm and vocal chords respectively).

Now, nasal resonance singing isn’t to be confused with ‘nasality’ itself – your voice SHOULD sit in the nasal cavities and resonate up in the nasopharynx – but, it shouldn’t have that Billy Corgan “whine” to it, especially on your smaller sounds like “E”.

I’ve put together a really simple tutorial on fixing nasality by controlling the soft palate correctly:


When you’re ready to FIX your nasal singing issues, book a session with me and I’ll show you how to create a really pleasant and killer singing tone – without all that nose!

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  1. OMG, I love you website! I love singing, I don’t do it professionally, just for fun, but I still want to be good at it 🙂 I like the videos and looking forward to more information and cool posts on your site! Otherwise, very well explained, thank you a lot! Now I need to practice practice practice to be able to ROCK

    • Thanks so much Soby! Super glad you’re getting so much from my coaching 🙂

      Let me know if you have any questions about your voice!


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