How to fix a NASAL singing voice!

How to fix a NASAL singing voice!

It’s easy to learn how not to sing nasally, fixing that shrill, nasal sound is probably the number ONE request I get here at Bohemian Vocal Studio from new and prospective students – it’s easier than you think to avoid nasal singing!

First up, lets get to the root of the problem:

WHY does my voice sound nasal?

Okay, lets get this straight once and for all – a BRIGHT voice is a healthy voice, but a NASAL sounding voice is not. This is where the confusion sets in with beginner students who try to sing ‘dark’ and ‘covered’ to fix their nasal tone, which this only serves to cut off their higher range, increase strain on their vocal chords and you guessed it – makes their voice even MORE nasal when they try to reach the highs.

Nasal RESONANCE is actually GREAT for your voice and builds a killer, rich vocal tone – it’s AIRFLOW travelling into your nose is actually causing your nasality. If you have air flowing into your nose when you sing, then you’re actually cutting off most of the healthy resonating spaces in your head and forcing all of your power and sound into your nose, and yep, gives you a nasal sound.

Now, if you learn how to control your soft palate properly to direct your airflow and create space so you can access the right resonant spaces in your voice as you ascend, you will not only FIX all of your nasal tone issues, but you’ll actually be able to start building your range in a healthy way and unlock your highest notes with ease! I’ve put together a simple video on fixing the most commonly nasal vowel, “EE” – you can use this technique to power up a much more pleasant tone and healthier voice in no time!

Controlling your soft palate goes hand in hand with building diaphragmatic support – so make sure you’ve signed up to my free singing courses on Breathing and Resonance 101 to set up a powerful foundation for your voice first! Then when you’re ready to fix your nasal tone, you can book a session with me and we’ll work on it together!

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