How To Become A Singer

How To Become A Singer

Are you wondering whether you have what it takes to become a great singer? If you’re wondering how to become a singer and what exactly you need to learn to build a powerful voice, these simple steps will not only show you how to become a singer, they’ll show you how to become a GREAT singer.

If you have some doubts about whether you ‘have what it takes’ to become a singer, you’re not alone – I spent many years (and way too much money) buying courses and taking singing lessons with very little progress, until I really started to feel like I just had a bad voice, or I was just a bad singer. After buying many of the biggest and most popular singing courses and meeting with some very well respected voice coaches – I eventually found a powerful and simple method that absolutely changed the course of my life and has allowed me to become a professional voice coach and well respected singer too.

Kegan, I would like to inform, that recently You joined to my fav vocalists/musicians along with mr. Cornell, Staley and Hetfield. ❤

With the simple but effective techniques and concepts I learned, I started to develop my own singing and coaching approach designed around the fundamental elements of the voice, allowing you to build and grow upon each element while enjoying continual progress in your ability to sing.

The Learning Curve

The Standard Learning Curve

The Standard Learning Curve

Many singers struggle with the steep learning curve that can accompany many contemporary vocal methods. Sure, you find an impressive sounding coach or method being sold, buy a course full of promises and secrets – and the first day or so you really feel like you’re making progress, and this method is going to be the ONE… until you hit the dreaded stage-two rut and your progress stalls. This often leads to frustration and desperation, so, you find another vocal guru and buy their exciting course – only to find yourself right back in the stage two rut once again. Does this sound familiar?

With the Foundation, Growth and Balance approach to singing, the stage two rut is all but eliminated from your progression as a singer. Sure, you might not get that warm fuzzy feeling in the beginning stages as we spend a little bit of time on the vowels and basics like breathing, but with the streamlined approach to foundation that sets up EVERY aspect of your voice from;

  • connecting chest and head voice

    The Foundation, Growth, Balance Learning Curve

  • building mixed resonance
  • balancing your onsets
  • forming your vowels properly
  • managing resonant space
  • placing your frequencies
  • all base elements of the voice

you will find that steep learning curve has now evened out into continued progression that is proportional to the amount of time and effort you put into practising, and the ongoing progress that you enjoy.

Foundation First

Foundation in singing is just like the foundation of a home being constructed – the rock solid concrete base that your tone and range (walls and roof) are built upon. Then finally, any stylistic elements and tonal choices (fittings and trimmings) are added to the voice in the balance stage as you bring together each element of the voice into one coordinated technique that is powerful, extensive in range, healthy and consistent.

[one_half padding=”0 10px 0 0″][/one_half]By first setting up a rock solid foundation, you set your voice up for exponential growth in the second stage of singing rather than the inevitable ‘rut’ faced in many courses that promise ‘secrets’ – remember, singing is simply a process of balance between pressure, vibration and resonance, and very little else. Pressure is managed by diaphragmatic breathing, vibration is caused by vocal fold closure, and resonance is managed by your vowels, vocal tract and articulation of air. Singing really IS that simple with the Foundation, Growth, Balance approach to learning.

Do you have what it takes?

If you’re still wondering what it takes to become a great singer, or you’re doubting whether you really have the talent and dedication required to become a successful singer – the truth is, absolutely anyone and everyone CAN become a spectacular singer, we all have a unique and powerful vocal instrument at our disposal, but many singers lack a solid foundation and run into trouble even with the basics of singing. Setting up a rock solid foundation is paramount to the process of becoming a great singer – you can’t grow and build what you haven’t first planted or planned first, right?

A great place to start is our Foundation 101 singing course which will show you how to set up each base element of the voice, from placement, mixed voice, connection between chest and head voice, vowels, resonant space – you name it, the Foundation 101 course will show you how it’s done. With over 60 minutes of video lessons and interactive warmups, you’ll start seeing progress in no time with the powerful yet streamlined approach you’ll find in the course.

Stop asking whether you have what it takes to become a great singer, and become a great singer using this powerful but simple method.

If you have any questions about becoming a great singer, feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!

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