How the secret Law of Attraction will help you sing better

How the Secret Law of Attraction Will Help You Sing Better

The Law of Attraction means going to bed with big dreams and waking up with a Ferrari in the driveway the next morning, right? Not exactly. As a voice coach, I’m going to show you exactly how the secret law of attraction will help you sing better – but you can also use this approach to achieve success no matter your desires or direction in life.

Along with teaching good old singing technique and physically training my students to sing better – part of my job as a voice coach is to motivate and inspire so that my students adhere to the practice routine we’ve developed together. After all, singing requires a lot of practice and consistency to see results, and this is where The Law of Attraction can truly help you sing better.

Rather than the magic cure-all it’s often made out to be by modern marketing and those who are selling courses on philosophy and new age concepts like LOA, The Law of Attraction has actually been used for centuries to change lives and achieve success in so many facets of life. Phrases like Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and be the change you want to see in the world all stem in part from the secret law of attraction – basically, if you take positive action you will receive positive results, if you take negative action, or no action at all, you will see negative results or no results.

Becoming a great singer really is no different – if you make better choices regarding your vocal health, and you take the positive steps of vocal training, self-education, regular practice and a positive outlook, your success as a singer is guaranteed. Now, on the flipside, if you sit at home avoiding singing because you’re pitchy, you can’t sing high notes or you simply feel like you have a bad singing voice – this is what you will achieve. Catch my drift? Here are 5 ways that The Law of Attraction will help you sing better!

5 Ways The Secret Law of Attraction Will Help You Sing Better

First of all, let’s get to the root of what The Law of Attraction really is. For me, it’s actually a process rather than a magic pill – to achieve success, one must take positive action and make better choices. This is directly in line with learning how to sing, you must take positive action by practicing regularly, and make better choices regarding your vocal health like professional training, giving up smoking and not straining your voice. Here are 5 ways that the secret Law of Attraction will help you sing better:

#1 – Singing is largely involuntary (Your mindset matters!)

Did you know that two thirds of the main musculature used for great singing is actually involuntary, and can only be controlled through engagement of adjoining musculature and forming the right thought process? That’s right, the vocal chords and your diaphragm are actually involuntary muscles and cannot be controlled directly – to learn how to control them, you must learn how to communicate with them effectively. Try it yourself, without actually singing or making a sound – can you bring your vocal chords together and make them vibrate? Of course not. Now, make a small and resonant humming sound instead – congratulations, you just closed your vocal chords involuntarily. To gain proper control over the vocal folds, you must continually build this connection and communication through training and exercises – eventually, you will be able to control your vocal folds and achieve vocal chord closure simply through your thought process.

I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this – your frame of mind and thought process actually affects your involuntary musculature. If you communicate with your vocal folds that they’re NOT going to close properly, this is how they will act. If you tell yourself “I’m going to sing badly” or even “I’m going to miss this note” then you’re giving a direct cue to the involuntary muscles required for singing how you want them to act and how you want to sing. By changing your mindset and taking positive action to communicate with your diaphragm and vocal mechanism properly, you will develop better control over your voice and ultimately become a better singer than if you’re constantly fighting the negative instructions you’re giving your voice.

#2 – Singing terms are largely figurative (Don’t be so literal!)

This is another parallel that I often see between the laws of attraction and singing – singing terms and techniques are often figurative in their application, just like the LOA is. You can’t manifest a Ferrari to appear in your driveway overnight using the LOA, just like you won’t sing better by physically and forcefully opening your throat or pushing like you would expect the terms Open Throat and Support might allude to in singing. As an example, Open Throat is a literal translation of the classical Italian singing term La Gola Aperta (The Open Throat), and instead is actually a figurative process that helps to avoid strain while you sing by taking focus away from your throat rather than focussing on your throat. A better interpretation would actually be No Throat singing or even Singing Without Your Throat – just like the Law of Attraction would likely be put to better use if it were simply called The Process to Success or The Key to Results or something along those lines. Learning how to sing is a process, just like The Law of Attraction is – you must take positive action to see positive results, and you must separate the figurative from the literal to truly get the most out of either pursuit. Remember, singing terms are often a figure of speech rather than a LITERAL instruction, just like The Law of Attraction isn’t really a law and won’t actually attract or provide anything but the positive results sown by positive seeds aka positive action gets positive results.

#3 – Fake it ’til you make it (Be the change you want to see)

If nothing else, following the process of The Law of Attraction will lead you to more efficient practice routine and a better attitude to singing. If you wake up every day and take the same steps a professional singer takes – consistent practice and continual training of their voice along with making good choices surrounding their vocal health, you are taking positive steps towards living the reality of being a spectacular singer and you WILL see results. Now, if you sit at home sulking about how you can’t hit high notes, and you push and strain with bad vocal technique, and you never practice, you’re not acting like a great singer and you’ll never become one. Be the change you want to see in your voice 

#4 – Seeds Sown = Yield (Be careful what you wish for)

If you plant the seeds of healthy vocal technique by setting up a strong foundation of diaphragmatic breathing, posture, frequency placement and proper vowel production, your results will speak for themselves. To see results with singing, just like with the Law of Attraction, you must first sow positive seeds along your chosen path. Just like if you want that Ferrari in your driveway, you need to sow the seeds of financial gain by making better money, career and life choices. Your singing voice will only ever be as strong as the foundation you’ve built it upon, just like your financial security is only as sound as the steps you’ve taken to secure it over time.


By developing proper vocal technique and seeking guidance in the form of professional voice coaching, you’re laying the seeds of a great singing voice just like every other great singer has done before you. When these seeds come to fruit, you will reap a fantastic singing voice that is extensive in range, expressively dynamic and consistently powerful.

#5 – There really is no secret (Everything is a process)

Often singing gurus, just like those who sell expensive Law of Attraction books and courses, have packaged a simple process into a complicated marketing program that does nothing to enrich your life, and only serves to line their pockets. There is no singing secret, just like The Law of Attraction really isn’t the secret to success – learning to sing is actually a process, and vocal techniques are simply the stops you must take along the way to get to your chosen destination. The Law of Attraction is actually a process that you need to take to achieve success by taking positive action and aligning your life choices and mindset with the person you wish to be – it’s exactly the same as becoming a great singer: positive action, good choices and the right mindset will get you much closer to your singing goals than any expensive singing course or marketing term could ever do.

As you can see, learning how to sing is a simple process of coordination and balance. By taking the positive steps of building healthy vocal technique and a strong foundation you’re aligning your choices and mindset with that of a great singer, and you will see results – no matter your chosen field, this process will help you achieve your goals and see true results!

The first positive step you need to take for a great singing voice is setting up a strong foundation – I suggest starting with my free foundations short courses to set up your posture, breathing and placement, and then when you’re ready to take your voice to the next level you can book a Skype Session and we’ll get started!

If you have any questions about how to build a great singing voice and achieve your goals sooner, please leave any feedback or questions below!


  1. Hi Kegan, My goodness. This post was so interesting. I KNOW I can sing now. I must just believe in myself and let it rip. Not actually rip. You have written this post so well and it can be used for so many things one wants to accomplish.
    If I think back on the years I played tennis I can think of days I really played well and then others when I played like a rabbit and I am sure it was due to my mindset on the day.

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