How The Law of Attraction Can Help You Sing Better

How The Law of Attraction Can Help You Sing Better

I’m personally a big believer in developing proper vocal technique and singing in a very controlled, consistent manner, but there are a number of ways that figurative science, philosophy and new thought methods like The Law of Attraction can actually help you sing better. While the Law of Attraction isn’t a magical switch that will turn you into Chris Cornell or Aretha Franklin overnight, positive actions DO lead to positive results in so many ways.

The Law of Attraction is the idea that if you put something out there, you attract the same energy or action back towards yourself. As an example, if you make negative actions and treat people terribly, you’ll receive this treatment in return – whereas if you’re kind, altruistic and put positive intentions out there, you will attract this treatment by proxy. Of course, this isn’t a magic cure-all for achieving everything we want in life like money and fast cars, but this process can and will help you build a better singing voice with your positive actions.

5 ways that The Laws of Attraction will help you sing better

These five tips will help you improve your voice faster with positive actions and better training techniques inspired by The Law of Attraction – when you take positive steps, you reach your goals sooner, and singing is no different!

#1 – Positive action yields positive results

Think about it, if you’re constantly stewing about how your voice sucks, or someone else sings better than you, this isn’t a constructive use of your time. Instead, you need to take positive steps towards bettering your voice if you are ever to improve your singing. Negative action yields negative results, and in terms of singing this means a bad singing voice, where positive results such as seeing a vocal coach or warming up your voice properly WILL yield positive results in time.

#2 – Your singing voice is largely involuntary and controlled by your thought process

Two thirds of the main musculature used in singing is actually involuntary and reliant on both adjoining musculature and the right thought process – the vocal folds and the diaphragm respectively. If you go about your practice session or singing a song by holding the thought “I’m not going to hit this note” or “I’m going to sing badly”,  you’re giving a direct physical cue to the involuntary aspects of your voice to act accordingly – in essence, training you to sing badly. Now, if you learn proper control over the diaphragm with Appoggio support and diaphragmatic breathing, and you learn proper vocal fold control with register release and adduction, then your voice will react accordingly along with the positive knowledge that you CAN sing well, then you WILL sing well.


I see this same effect with singers who try to contort and control their voices in a muscular fashion – this quite simply isn’t the way that your voice works, and hence they don’t sing well. If you recognise the positive thought process for proper control over the involuntary processes involved in singing – you are guaranteed to sing better.

#3 – No action is negative action

If you think your voice sucks, and you don’t take positive action towards improving your vocal technique, this will yield nothing in return and your singing will continue to suffer. To improve your singing voice, you need to take positive steps in the form of vocal training and vocal education either with a professional voice coach or even one of the many free singing resources out there.

If your singing voice isn’t great, it will only improve if you take positive actions towards improving your voice.

#4 – You are what you eat (You are what you do)

In the same way that “You are what you eat” means if you eat healthy food, you will be healthy, singing is much the same. A singer is only a singer because they act like a singer and they say they are a singer. To achieve your goals and become the singer you want to be, you need to think of yourself as a singer instead of someone who wants to sing but can’t. If you sing every day, and your train your voice consistently just like a professional singer does – you’re no longer just someone who ‘wants’ to sing you are a singer.

#5 – Your voice is a blank canvas

By following the general premise of The Law of Attraction – basically, positive action yields positive results, you have a choice at the painting that follows. If you develop your voice properly with positive action and consistent practice as though you are a great singer – you will paint the picture of a great singer and you will become one. If you wash the canvas with black paint and sulk in a corner because you can’t sing high notes, then this is the picture you’ve painted.

The law of attraction isn’t a magic bullet for achieving a great voice, but it is a great process to follow when you want to build a great voice. The first step you need to take on your way to becoming a great singer is to set up your foundation, and as I often say to my vocal students, your singing voice is only as powerful as the foundation it’s been built upon.

My free foundations short courses are a great place to start if you want to take positive action towards building a great singing voice. If you’re ready to take your voice to the next level and reach your goals of becoming a great singer, you can book a Skype Session today and we’ll get started painting that blank canvas today!

If you have any questions about how the Law of Attraction can help you build a great singing voice, or your singing technique in general, feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!


  1. Yes! I love how you apply the LOA to singing! The Law Of Attraction is something incredible I’ve stumbled upon myself and it’s really helped me see things in a different perspective, so I think when it comes to singing and training your voice, as with everything – it is what you make of it! If you have a positive attitude, you can achieve anything!
    Thanks for the awesome post, it was a pleasure to read, you are so inspiring:)


    • Cheers SJ! Absolutely, the Law of Attraction is indeed a powerful tool depending on how you use it and align your intentions and actions with the principals of positive action yields positive results.

      You’re welcome! Let me know if you have any questions about your singing voice.

      All the best,


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