How Singing Is Good For You

How Singing Is Good For You

A resonant singing voice isn’t just golden sounding, it’s also good for your health in many different ways! If you’ve been wondering how singing is good for you and how you can improve your health and happiness, this 5 ways that singing is good for your health will change your life. Learning how to sing is easy when the process is a healthy and joyous one – remember, singing should always be easy and simple, if something doesn’t feel right, then you’re not doing it right!

Lets talk about some of the many ways that singing is good for you and ways that singing is good for your health!

Singing improves lung function and breathing awareness

Many of us rarely give a second thought to breathing or the process through which we breath, yet breathing is something we all must do to continue living. If you breathe well, you live well, but if you breathe badly, then it’s likely your health and lung function is lacking. To engage the diaphragm for healthy singing, you first must also set up a strong posture, which is also one of the cornerstones of a healthy body. Think of your lungs as your fuel tank, and your brain and heart as your engine – if your engines have no fuel, they won’t function properly. Developing diaphragmatic breathing in singing works in a similar way to the health benefits of breathing in many health disciplines from meditation right through to yoga and Pilates. If you want to improve your health, breathing is your first step, and the first step to improving your lung function and breathing is to learn how to sing!

Many health disciplines teach awareness of breathing and syncing your breathing with your heart beat for the most efficient use of your breathing mechanism and your heart muscle. Singing teaches you exactly how to be aware of your breathing and how to moderate your airflow and air pressure for efficient and powerful singing that may very well also have a positive effect on your health.

Your organs resonate

That’s right, it’s been shown that your organs resonate at various frequencies when you are healthy, and at a lower frequency when you are unwell. By singing, you create natural frequencies which occur in the body that may very well have an impact on the frequencies that your liver, heart, brain and many other organs resonate at. Aside from the ability to communicate, have you ever wondered WHY we are capable of singing and creating a resonant sound? Perhaps our singing voices are simply an extension of our immune system and can be used to ‘tune up’ our resonance when needed? Some food for thought.

Mental health and happiness

It’s no secret that singing makes you happy. There’s a reason why birds sing on a beautiful day, and why great singers often seem so happy and free like a soaring bird when they sing well. Singing really does have the added benefit of improving your mental health and phsychological functions of the brain. Perhaps it’s due to the aforementioned frequencies that your brain resonates at, or perhaps it’s because singing well is such a pleasant and fun activity – singing really can improve your mental health and well-being.

Social benefits

I can personally attest to the amazing people all around the world that I have met simply through my love of singing, shared by millions of others all around the world. Here at Bohemian Vocal Studio I reach singers and singing students all around the world each week – something that never would have been possible had it not been for our shared love of singing. You can meet some truly amazing people when you come together over a mutual love of singing – the social benefits of singing are well known.

Physical awareness

Not only will you become more aware of your breathing when you learn how to sing, but many other aspects of your body that you likely take for granted will come into view clearly when you start singing. Important aspects of the voice like the soft palate will become a game changer for you when you become aware of how their simple but important function works. You’ll also start to recognise alot of the tension and strain that you carry around in your posture, jaw and neck each day – another added benefit of learning how to sing is that you will also learn how to effectively release and relieve tension from your body before singing. A great singing voice is a strain-free voice.

These 5 ways how singing is good for you are just some of the many, many different ways that singing will improve your life and bring happiness to your life in ways you couldn’t have imagined. Singing is one of the purest joys available to us. You have the ability to become a great singer and reap the healthy benefits of a healthy voice – a great place to start is the free foundations 101 singing course available here at Bohemian Vocal Studio which will show you how to set up a rock solid foundation while breathing and resonating efficiently like your favourite singers. When you’re ready to take your voice to the next level, or your need help with breathing, resonance and extending your range you can book a Skype Lesson with me and we’ll start working towards extending your range and building balance and consistency in your voice every time you sing!

If you have any questions about how singing is good for you and how singing is good for your health, feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!

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