How much should singing lessons cost?




It’s a thing.

When I first started learning how to sing, I spent WAY too much money.

Over $15,000 on singing lessons to be exact.

So this is close to my heart in many ways.

The “cost” of singing lessons and the “value” of singing lessons are really two different things.

If someone charges you $20 an hour to give you singing lessons – and you stay with them every week for two years, you’ll spend approximately $2,080.

Now, if you set a serious goal with a coach who charges $200 per hour, and it only takes 5 sessions spread over three months to reach that goal and take a serious step forward with your singing – you’ll spend about $1,000.

Cost and value really aren’t the same thing, especially when it comes to singing lessons.

And I would know – I took singing lessons for around 8 years.

… And learned basically nothing.

I only did four sessions with my last teacher over about four months and learned more than I’ve learned in those four lessons that I had learned in hundreds of lessons in the previous decade.

He wasn’t cheap.

But ultimately, the VALUE was much greater and I spent way less actually learning to sing better with him than I did if I spend “half as much” superficially in the short term… but ultimately five times as much in the long term with my previous coaches who really weren’t helping me sing any better, and I had to stay in ‘student mode’ with them for longer, still struggling to reach my goals.

I’m sure at this point you’re expecting me to tell you that I charge $150 an hour, and that you absolutely must book in with me for a singing lessons.

But no, that ain’t the way I roll.

I’m not even going to give you a link to my booking calendar.

… Because I’m just too busy to take on part time students.

I only work towards SPECIFIC goals with committed students who are working towards a recording, an audition, a song, a specific vocal line and a real goal.

But for your purposes right now, I’m going to do much better than making you set a goal to work with me – I’m going to teach you for free.


For free.

Watch the video below to learn exactly how I turned my one octave of anemic vocal range into the four full octaves of power that I now enjoy:

If you dug the video above and you learned some seriously killer stuff about Tonal Intent and how you’re going to use it to build an insane amount of vocal range – I’ve put aside some time in my booking calendar to meet with you over Skype and answer all of the questions you have about singing high notes with ease using Tonal Intent. Hit the link below to book your free 20 minute consult with me:




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