How Long Does It Take To Become A Good Singer? [The Shocking Truth]

The Shocking Truth:
How Long Does It Take To Become A Good Singer?


I’m sure you’re sick of seeing those “sing better in 30 days” ads that come and go every few years online – if you could REALLY learn to sing better with a few quick exercises and a crash course; wouldn’t the whole world be filled with incredible singers?

Let me level with you in a way few others are going to:

I’ve been at this for over TWENTY years.

And I absolutely sucked for at least the first ten of those TWENTY years.

And while I’m sure you’ll see some amount of progress in 30 days of intensive vocal training – you’re not going to be Aretha Franklin, Chris Cornell or Pavarotti in just a few weeks, let alone overnight.

Learning how to sing is hard work.

It takes dedication.

It takes constant training.

Mental willpower.

Physical coordination.

A strong mindset.

It takes guts.

I figure half the people who are reading this have been scared off already because they were looking for some quick hack, some quick ‘cheat’ that was going to help them become a star overnight.

But I know you’re SERIOUS about this whole singing thing.


And you’re ready for the harsh reality, the truth, the cold hard facts:

You’re not going to become a superstar overnight, in two weeks, 30 days or even in a year – maybe even 5 years, or in my case; 20 years.

Now, I’m not saying it takes 20 years to become a better singer than you are right now – likely I can help you kick a few bad habits and make solid progress in just a few coaching sessions; but we’re talking the long term goal of being a stage smashing, crowd pleasing, range monster.

And here’s the kicker – the reason why most people DON’T succeed at singers is they’re awful at goalsetting. They look at the big picture, like half the readers who’ve probably clicked the “x” button this page already because I didn’t give them the sugar-coated answer they were looking for – you know, the answers that so many other voice coaches throw at you as quick as possible to rope you into their course or lessons.

^ And it totally sucks, right?

I’ve always found that there is a “question within a question” when people ask things like “how long does it take to become a good singer?” – when what they’re really saying is: “I’m having issues learning how to sing”.

Two VERY different questions and two very different answers.

The point blank answer to the first question, “how long does it take to become a good singer” in my case, is literally 20 years from point A to point B; the obvious caveat being the approach you use and how it matches your goals, current ability and your specific needs as a singer.

You see, the reason it took SO damn long for me to become a great singer, is because every coach I went to was approaching the whole thing from a “natural” perspective; they were naturally great singers, which is awesome obviously, but I wasn’t.

So they didn’t understand my issues as a singer.

They didn’t understand why I couldn’t just “sing better” like they kept telling me to.

They didn’t understand why all the old tricks like Yawning, Open Throat singing and Edge just didn’t work for me.

And that’s because they never really had to ‘learn’ any of this stuff – someone just showed them the quick way and it just ‘worked’ for them.

For me? Not so much.

I had to work my ass off.

I had to dedicate myself.

I had to apply myself.

I had to commit myself.

And it’s taken many years of training, and thousands of dollars spent on courses, methods and teachers like the ones we just spoke about before I saw any REAL progress as a singer.

But had I been shown correctly from day one how to REALLY learn to sing, from my perspective as a singer who wasn’t really a ‘natural’ – then it would have been a damn sight quicker, easier, cheaper and less frustrating.

And that’s ultimately what I want to share with you – the real key to all great singing;


For me, I feel like I’m a broken record on repeat telling everyone Foundation, Foundation, Foundation.

If you’ve seen some of my coaching videos before, you might even be SICK of hearing about Vocal Foundation; but It’s just THAT important.

So much so that I’ve designed my whole approach as a vocal teacher over the last decade on vocal foundation – The Foundation 101 Vocal Course is the very first of it’s kind; no bells or whistles, no bullshit or fluff; just the absolute fundamentals that you need to become a great singer; FAST.

And that’s what you’re really after, right? A super fast, effective and efficient way of learning how to sing – not the 20 year maze of nightmares I had to claw through to find a little light at the end of the tunnel.

And that might be how you’re starting to feel, but I guarantee there’s an easier way.

I’m going to show you ALL of my cards as a vocal teacher here by showing you how to sing with The Four Vocal Fundamentals, right here right now – no ifs, no buts, no marketing fluff, no tricks; just solid vocal technique.

I’m going to bet that you’re about to learn more in a <10 minute video lesson than you’ve probably learned from YEARS of trawling YouTube for ‘the secret’ to great singing from other voice coaches who are wasting your time with “voice coach reacts” videos and marketing bullshit like Open Throat Technique or Curbing.

Seriously, you asked – and here’s the answer.

How long does it take to become a great singer?:

As soon as you master The Four Vocal Fundamentals.

Learn ’em now by watching this video, then hit the link below to take the next step towards being a better singer:


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    Will this course help me if I don’t understand the “lingo”?

    Thank you kindly.

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