How can i sing higher?

How can i sing higher?

Learning how to master your high range properly takes YEARS of practice, right? No way! You can learn how to tune your vowels RIGHT NOW to access your higher range with ease.

Making sure that you support your voice properly (You can register for my free foundations short courses here), and being sure to keep your tongue in the right vowel shape like the video below, try ascending in range until you hit that dreaded ‘break’ area.

Now, instead of letting your voice break, or FORCING your voice higher with strain, try to ‘widen’ or ‘narrow’ your vowel sound as you move towards your break. Can you feel how it’s not much easier to slide past that tricky break with much less effort and strain? Bingo! That is a tuned vowel.

Now, try it with each of your vowel sounds from the first video above, you may need to ‘tune’ each sound differently – for example, my “AH” vowel widens through my first break, while “AYE/EH” vowel actually narrows through this  break and my “EE” vowel stays neutral – these are all things I’ve trained into my voice with time and practice, sure, but now you know how – it’s super easy!

When you’re ready to take your voice NEXT LEVEL and really power up your register transitions and tune your vowels properly into the high range, you can book a session with me here at Bohemian Vocal Studio!

Feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!

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