Head voice vs chest voice

Head voice vs chest voice

Taking your singing voice to ‘the next level’ requires a deep understanding of the mechanics of both Head Voice vs Chest Voice – if you’re locking your voice into either register, you’ll no doubt currently experience a vocal break that won’t budge no matter what you do.

How do I connect them? Connecting Chest Voice vs Head Voice probably seems like a total mystery at the minute, but never fear! I’ve put together a super simple tutorial that explains not only your Chest Voice vs Head Voice, but also how to blend the two by singing in a powerful MIX voice:

Learning how to sing in a powerful MIX vocal chord coordination will allow your to connect Head Voice vs Chest Voice, but also make head voice sound like chest voice – isn’t that super cool? If you follow my lead in the tutorial above, you’ll soon be matching the rich tone and powerful sound of your favourite singer’s voices – WITHOUT the need for pushing and straining. I’ve been talking about Middle Voice alot lately, so it seems this is a big issue for alot of budding singers – especially baritone singers.

Instead of thinking “Chest Voice vs Head Voice”, think about your voice as having THREE vocal registers, Chest Voice > Middle Voice > Head Voice. That pleasant and powerful tone that you hear in a truly great singer is always a Middle Coordination, because great singers have learned not to ‘lock’ their vocal chords in either the head or chest coordination, and just let their voices soar naturally through their full vocal range. That’s why they seem to sing higher, and higher, and higher – without so much as the slightest push or strain!

When you’re ready to take your voice NEXT LEVEL by creating a naturally powerful middle voice, or “MIX”, you can book a session with me personally and I’ll show you how to power it up!

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