Growth 101 Course

Growth 101 Course

Bohemian Vocal Studio’s Growth 101 course builds on the powerful foundation built in our flagship Foundation 101 course and will show you how to ;

  • Sing with forward placement
  • Achieve sub, medial and supraglottal compression
  • Modify your vowels
  • Apply the “vowel position” concept
  • Navigate your resonators for more efficient, powerful and strain free singing
  • An introduction to belting
  • Take your warmup routine to the next level
  • SO much more!

Containing over 60 minutes of video content and interactive warmups, Growth 101 also includes a special Consonant Bootcamp warmup which takes your through each consonant and vowel over a number of tricky and common words with Bohemian Vocal Studio’s special vowel and consonant translation provided.

GREAT courses!
 Just bought your course and I can feel the resonance in my head already!
 I’ll be damned – one day of Foundation practice and I have already improved
 If you want to sing rock/blues, this is the guy!

Growth 101 Course – $160

Growth 101 is an invitation only course made available for purchase once you have first joined us in the Foundation 101 singing course. If you’re new to Bohemian Vocal Studio, I suggest starting with this exclusive mixed voice singing lesson

Invitations to Growth 101 will be sent out around two weeks from your initial purchase of Foundation 101 to ensure you make the most out of your vocal foundation before taking your singing to the next level with forward placement, compression, vowel modification and each growth technique and concept that we’ll cover in the course.

You can get started with the Foundation 101 singing course here.

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