Get better singing FAST with these tricks!

Get better singing FAST with these simple tips!

I get it, you’ve been practicing for weeks, or months (even YEARS) already – but you don’t seem to be getting any better at actual singing. You might have the lip trills and exercises down pat, but what about real songs, with actual real singing? I’ll tell you a little secret – you really CAN get better singing FAST with this simple approach!

Step 1. Make a list of all the exercises

That’s right, you’re probably surprised that you haven’t done this before, really – write EVERYTHING down, from lip trills, to breathing exercises, to range extension, absolutely EVERYTHING you’re doing to build your voice. If you’ve purchased a singing course and you have a full warmup routine, then write the whole thing down.

Step 2. Write THIS next to each exercise…

Going through each exercise one by one, I want you to write down either “Diaphragm”, “Vocal Chords” or “Soft Palate”, depending on which one of these ‘Big Three Singing Muscles’ the exercise is meant to be working. If you don’t know what the exercise is for, then leave it blank and move on to the next.

Step 3. Cross them out!

Any remaining exercises that don’t have an association to the diaphragm, the vocal chords or your soft palate – cross them out! If you’re not sure WHY you’re practicing the exercise aside from having been told “this will help!”, then you shouldn’t be wasting your time with it. Learn to sing fast by paring down your singing routing to it’s core, then you will improve MUCH quicker, and more importantly, you’ll start to realise where your technique is actually lacking beyond the hour long warmup you’re probably slaving over each day.

Here, I’ve put together a simple video on this process:

You should have a foundation set of exercises that builds your posture, diaphragmatic breath support, vocal chord control and closure, and proper air and resonance direction and focus using the soft palate.┬áIs your singing routine working for you, or are you working for your singing routine? Get better singing FAST by trimming ‘the fat’ from your singing routine now!

If there’s three things I wish I had been taught from day one when I first started singing, it’s that your MIX voice is a direct coordination of your chest voice and head voice, there is such a thing as TOO MUCH support, and of course, how to shape and tune my vowels correctly.

If you need help building a routine that works the BIG THREE singing muscles, you can book a session with me now!

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