Frustrated With Your Singing Voice?

Stuck in a Vocal Rut?

Hi, I'm Kegan from Bohemian Vocal Studio! If you're experiencing vocal strain, a lack of high range or perhaps you've bought a few courses or singing lessons before and have seen very little progress - I totally understand your frustration - for many years I too struggled with vocal strain and tension, fought against my naturally low voice, lacked high range, hated my tone and chased after that elusive 'mix voice' tone. I bought books, courses, DVD's and took singing lessons with some of the BEST singing teachers out there and saw very little progress - until I discovered the simple solution I'm about to share with you in this exclusive lesson just for singers like you who are serious about breaking out of their vocal rut!

Only a few months back I was close to giving up on my dream of being a vocalist - But after only 2 months of working on Foundation 101 I felt like I was learning to sing all over again. Really important fundamentals I was never taught that were setting me up for singing freely up in my high range in a way I thought wasn't possible for me!


Before sessions with Kegan I knew a lot about singing (SLS, CVT, Ken Tamplin and other methods) but couldn't use what I know. Sessions with Kegan HELPS me sing songs and understand my voice and use it in way that I always dreamed. I use his courses almost every day!

The only person whom I trust my voice - It's 1000% brilliant vocal approach. Kegan's education also helps me as vocal coach as well.


Kegan is a great teacher with a huge knowledge and pedagogical talent. His method is very effective and natural. Recordings and guides on YT show how good he is in his profession. I recommend Bohemian Vocal Studio (courses, forums and lessons via Skype). If you want to sing rock at the highest level choose BVS!


Are You Frustrated With Your Voice?

[one_half padding="0 20px 20px 0"][/one_half]For a very long time when I was learning how to sing, I struggled specifically with strain, tension, my tone sucked, I had a very limited range and I generally lacked the ability to sing in the middle portion of my voice. Once I developed each element of my vocal foundation and built a balanced and 'mixed' voice, my whole LIFE changed and now I meet with singers all around the world just like you to share with them the incredible process I've used to help countless singers find their our true voices.

Developing a powerful and balanced singing voice first requires you to set up a rock-solid vocal foundation by focusing on each individual element of the voice and learning to balance your onsets, resonance, vowels and other aspects of great vocal technique.The Foundation 101 singing course I have designed will help you:

  • Connect chest and head voice (no more vocal break!)
  • Unlock your true voice with powerful resonance
  • Sing with power and freedom
  • Form your vowels correctly for completely strain free singing
  • Increase your range exponentially - stop pushing chest and unlock your real voice
  • Develop finesse as a singer with balanced onsets for laser focused consistency
  • Escape the chains of your low range and chest voice
  • So much more!

Are you ready to Fix Your Frustration?

Each of these vocal elements is covered in depth in my Foundation 101 singing course, which I'm super pleased to offer to you at an exclusive discount at a fraction of the usual cost to other singers to ensure that you have the same specialised skills and techniques that I've developed over the past 20 years of singing and past decade of coaching professionally so that you can learn to sing with the same freedom and enjoy the continual progress that this approach has afforded me.

Foundation 101 Singing Course - $180 $140

Are you ready to take your voice to the next level with a vocal method designed specifically with your voice in mind that will allow you to overcome the unique challenges you face while learning to sing? My foundation 101 singing course is going to change your life by showing you how to sing effective vocal onsets, achieve mix voice, form your vowels properly, support your voice and SO much more!

Master The Four Vocal Fundamentals

With the Foundation 101 Course

Instead of continually telling you just how GREAT it is to sing with such effortless and freedom now that I've mastered The Four Vocal Fundamentals and freed myself from the frustration and tension I experienced for so long, let me show you; here's just a few quick examples of what I'm achieving now that I've set up a rock solid foundation for my voice - just imagine the killer singing voice you're going to enjoy when you master these four simple fundamentals!

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Master The Four Vocal Fundamentals

With the Foundation 101 Course