From One Octave of Singing Range to Four Octaves

This Simple Trick Took Me From


I’ve got an interesting singing case study to share with you.

It’s not the kind of ‘testimonal’ case study you’re probably used to from singing teachers of my calibre – you know, hot Russian girls belting Iron Maiden songs even though there’s clips from 10 years ago of them doing the exactly same thing before they even used the approach they’re spruiking…

But that’s a story for another time.

I’m going to share my OWN experience.

And I’m going to get pretty raw with it by admitting I was an absolutely SHIIIIIIIT singer.


I’ve got a bunch of videos of gigs from when I was in my 20s (I’m 40 now) where you can hear audible gasps in the audience from the visible pain I was going through with my voice – hell, I think you can even hear someone dialing 000 (Australia’s version of “911”) to get an ambulance to my voice ASAP.

Because I was obviously on my way to severe vocal damage.

It was the pits.

Those videos just suck.

And sadly, I looked pretty happy and confident at the time – red in the face, veins popping out of neck, my voice cracking in and out of consciousness as it slowly died.

But I obviously turned a corner somewhere along the way.

From a guy who was obviously not gifted a naturally great singing voice by the universe.

A guy who started out with only ONE octave of range from E2 to about F3…. and a strained F3 at that.

To a guy who now has over a decade of experience as a professional voice coaching under their belt.

The guy that OTHER VOICE COACHES go to for help with their singing.

A guy with an approach ranked in the top 6 vocal methods in the world alongside methods like Christina Aguilera’s Masterclass and “Hollywood Coach To The Stars” Roger Love.

A guy who’s students are releasing MASSIVE albums, and even becoming voice teachers themselves with massive followings.

So what was the trick, what was the key, what was the secret?

Being honest, as only an Aussie can do in this way – it wasn’t actually just one thing.

It was a combination of developing excellent, world class, fantastic, healthy, proven fundamentals in my singing voice first – then growing each of those elements into the powerhouse singing voice I now enjoy.

So how can I condense that for you into 500 words?

Actually, I can do one better than that:

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