Free singing lessons online

Free singing lessons online

Are you looking to learn how to sing, but you’re not ready to invest in professional coaching yet? No sweat! Here at Bohemian Vocal Studio we offer a wide range of complimentary singing courses, free lessons each week and a ton of videos released regularly on our YouTube channel.

  • Learn how to sing in mix voice
  • Free singing lessons online
  • How to increase vocal range
  • How to improve vocal tone
  • How to fix a nasally voice
  • How to sing consonants
  • Free webinars
  • So much more!

Sign up to our regular webinars

Along with our complimentary courses and free lessons, we also run free webinars each month on various topics, from how to sing in mix voice through to how to sing consonants. Sign up to our mailing list for updates on the next webinar, or you can check out our webinar listings page for any upcoming classes by using the menu at the top of your screen.

Available worldwide to our expansive network of students in the BVS community, we do also offer replay’s of popular webinar classes like our most recent, “The Key to Consonants” as you can see below:

Power up your voice

Are you ready to power up your singing voice and learn how to sing in mix voice? Are you ready to increase your singing range and release your inner rockstar? You can book a session with me today and I’ll show you how it’s done!

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