Singing Lessons Online

Singing Lessons Online

Are you looking to learn how to sing, but you’re not ready to invest in professional coaching yet? No sweat! Here at Bohemian Vocal Studio we offer a wide range of free tutorials and a ton of videos released regularly on our YouTube channel.

  • Learn how to sing in mix voice
  • Free singing lessons online
  • How to increase vocal range
  • How to improve vocal tone
  • How to fix a nasally voice
  • How to sing consonants
  • Free webinars
  • So much more!

Learning how to sing doesn’t have to be confusing or frustrating any more, you can use our tutorials and free videos to power up your voice and learn all the insider secrets and advanced techniques that many other singing coaches package up in expensive courses.

The Secret to Great Singing

I’m sure there’s quite a few of you out there who have been searching high and low for the ‘secret’ to great singing, and you’ve come across all manner of terms, techniques, marketing hype and methods – but which one really holds the secret to your voice?

The truth is, I myself really struggled with the process of learning how to sing. For the better part of ten years, I actually took steps backwards as a singer as I became more and more confused and frustrated by all the conflicting information and marketing buzz words that get thrown around by those in the know – until I discovered this one simple fact.

Ability to sing doesn’t necessarily give someone the ability to teach effectively. 

That’s right, I had spent so much time looking for great singers and courses by singers who had the voice that I personally dreamed of, and had put very little importance on the very niche skill of being able to TEACH others how to sing. This is why so many vocal methods out there simply aren’t working for you, and you’ve taken singing lesson after singing lesson while seeing very little improvement.

After I found a coach who designed a unique approach specifically with my baritone voice in mind, my whole life changed and it really has been onwards and upwards from that ‘lightbulb’ moment. I’ve now spent the last decade teaching others what I have learned about singing while sharing the knowledge and approach I have learned and developed over the past 20 years of singing.


If you’re looking for ‘the secret’ to great singing, it isn’t in advanced techniques like glottal compression and mix voice, and it certainly isn’t in buzz words like Open Throat – the secret to great singing and building the voice of your dreams is actually to find an approach out there that is designed specifically for YOUR voice by someone who understands your voice.

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