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Welcome to Bohemian Vocal Studio, your one-stop for Rock Singing Lessons and all things healthy singing technique. Here on the main site we’ve got tons of tips, tricks and posts that explain everything you need to know about diaphragmatic breathing, compression, distortion, vowels and almost anything else you could want to know about healthy, powerful Rock Singing Technique!

That smoky, bluesy, whiskey rock tone doesn’t have to destroy your voice, you really can develop a powerful, healthy singing voice within the bounds of safe technique, even where distortion and grit are concerned! Check out the below video for a quick introduction to grit in the higher range (personally, I’m a bass by nature) while using proper diaphragmatic breathing, open vowels and a well placed, resonant tone:

Whether Springsteen is your guy, or Bruce Dickinson, Paul Rodgers, David Coverdale, Chris Cornell, Eric Burdon, Adele, Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty, James Hetfield or any other powerful singer, you too can learn how to develop a strong voice of your own using healthy technique. With free singing lessons and How to sing YouTube videos, you can build a foundation of proper breathing, resonant tone and healthy technique, then take it a step further with Skype lessons when you feel you’re ready to start truly building and growing your own powerful rock singing voice!

There’s tons of free singing lessons available here on my website and learn to sing videos on my YouTube channel, shoot me an email if you have any questions and when you’re ready to take it a step further you can book a session with me via Skype or come see me in my Sydney studio.

Feel free to leave any questions or feedback below!

Kegan DeBoheme is Bohemian Vocal Studio’s resident vocal coach and voice expert. He teaches professional singing and voice technique to students all around the world and enjoys providing tutorials like this one on how to improve your voice.

4 thoughts on “Free singing lessons | Learn to Sing Online | Rock Singing Lessons

  1. Love this song! Your vocals are awesome and I’ve learnt so much from your videos. You really are a genuine baritone (speaking about the same pitch as myself) so to hear you sing this high tenor stuff with ease and power gives me so much hope ha ha. Thanks again

      1. Actually I do! When Chad Kroeger does the line “You’ve gone too far” in the chorus of “This Means War” how does he get such a thick heavy sound? Is it safely reproducable? These are all g#4 and my voice sounds quite thin trying to sing this? Thanks

        1. Absolutely – you need to modify your vowels correctly (AA/Awe/’Loft’ – EE/EH/’Loft-Eh’), along with compressing your diaphragm properly to balance your pressure vs. airflow as you ascend. His grit isn’t the healthiest thing, but it can be done safely if you develop very controlled breathing and compression techniques. So yes, it can be done! Generally – “Thin” means incorrectly placed resonance and likely closed vowels.

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