Free online singing lessons

Free online singing lessons

If you’re looking for free online singing lessons – look no further! Here at Bohemian Vocal Studio, I really believe that everyone has the right to sing with a powerful singing voice. If you’re looking to increasing vocal range, improve singing tone, improve your singing skills and even improve singing pitch, then our YouTube channel is FULL of excellent (and totally free!) tutorials that are functional, informative and best of all, practical.

I love your simple and practical approach! – Ivan (Russia)

I often hold complimentary webinars here at Bohemian Vocal Studio too, so you can actually work with me online and ask questions at one of my Q & A sessions. You’ll see to your right a list of ‘troubleshooting’ topics that are common, so I encourage you to peruse these at your leisure and see where you can improve your singing with one of my simple tutorials.

For now, lets start by fixing your vocal break!

Students worldwide are currently practising and developing their voices with my simple and steps-based approach to singing. All the way from Europe, to here in Australia and across to America and Hong Kong – I’ve coached and helped students build POWERFUL singing voices all around the globe.

When you’re ready to take your voice “next level” and progress to the more complicated techniques like compression, vowel positions, vowel mechanics, consonants and tons more – you can book a session with me personally here at Bohemian Vocal Studio.

Feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!

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