Free online singing lessons

Free online singing lessons

Along with being the premier choice for Rock Singing Lessons via Skype – Bohemian Vocal Studio also hosts regular Webinars covering a plethora of exciting topics and important techniques. You can register your interest in one of our upcoming webinars over at Webinar HQ – limited places are available due to demand.

Do I need to buy lessons to attend a webinar? Nope! While I do run a number of ‘regular students only’ and ‘student invite only’ webinars, you’re welcome to register your interest in one of our free webinars regardless of your status as a student! It’s assumed you do have a basic working knowledge of your voice – topics and techniques other than the intended focus will only be mentioned in passing, so it’s advisable that you’ve taken a recent session to ensure you’re following the right steps and approach to make best use of the topic in discussion, but not a requirement.

What if I have questions? There is a live chat option that runs during the webinar, and while I’ll do my best to answer your queries and specific questions during the webinar, this is time dependent. You’re welcome to email me with any questions after the webinar – if you have a more complex question or issue, I suggest booking in a session with me personally as a followup to the webinar.

Why are you offering webinars? Originally I established Bohemian Vocal Studio in 2010 when I realised the absolute lack in quality singing lessons for both those focused on ‘rock’ singing, and specifically those with a lower voice type such as myself. My approach to singing is now being practiced, developed and followed all throughout the world – from Switzerland, to Hong Kong, Sweden, all across America and of course here in Australia too! I truly believe that we ALL deserve access to the right information and a proven SIMPLE approach to singing that anyone can learn, be it with the intention of a professional singing career, or even just as a personal hobby!

You should sing for love, and you should love singing – every time you sing!

If you’re ready to prepare for one of our Webinars, you can book a session with me now – you can also register for one of our complimentary Webinars over at Webinar HQ.

Feel free to leave any questions or feedback below!


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