Free Easy Online Singing Lessons [The #1 Thing You Need To Learn]

Free Easy Online Singing Lessons [The #1 Thing You Need To Learn]

After taking singing lessons for many (many, many) years myself before eventually finding my true voice and working my way up to being a voice coach - I've realised that learning how to sing really IS easier than it's often made out to be if you were just given the information up front.

And that's exactly my M.O. as a voice coach - all the information, to everyone, upfront; so that you can focus on actually singing songs better rather than trying to 'squeeze blood from a stone' trying to get the truth about what you voice really needs to see serious improvement in your singing.

So what exactly DO you need to work on to become a great singer?

Let me give you 5 techniques that you must start working on today if you're serious about reaching your goals as a professional singer;

  • Forward Placement
  • Height In The Vocal Tract (raise that soft palate!)
  • Mixed Tonality
  • "All In One Flow" diaphragmatic breathing
  • Vowel Overtones

Let me take the mystery out of the first four fundamentals that you need to learn with this tutorial video in which I'll show you EXACTLY how to develop them;

As you can see, singing really IS so much easier when you have all the information made readily available, instead of having to jump through hoops and pay a crazy amount of money only to be told to "breathe better" or "sing with better posture".

The #1 Thing You Need To Learn

Now, beyond the first Four Vocal Fundamentals we've been through above - there's one more thing you need to master to become a spectacular singer.

Instead of making you watch another 10+ minute video, I've put together a special vocal plan to help you actually develop this in your own voice instead of just watching me do it.

I've also included some cool stuff like a "before and after" of my voice before and after I learned this one simple but powerful technique.

Check it out by clicking the link below:

BIG dreams as a singer?

You need a BIG voice to match!

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