Foundation & Growth 101 Session Pack

Foundation & Growth 101 Pack

This Foundation & Growth pack includes both of Bohemian Vocal Studio’s Foundation 101 and Growth 101 courses and credit for two full-hour Skype sessions with Kegan. Foundation 101 will set you up with a rock solid vocal foundation while Growth 101 will take your singing to the next level by building on the foundation concepts along with showing you how to;

  • Set up a rock solid foundation
  • Sing with forward placement
  • Achieve sub, medial and supraglottal compression
  • Modify your vowels
  • Apply the “vowel position” concept
  • Navigate your resonators for more efficient, powerful and strain free singing
  • An introduction to belting
  • Take your warmup routine to the next level
  • SO much more!

Containing two hours of video content and interactive warmups, our new Foundation & Growth 101 pack also includes a special Consonant Bootcamp warmup which takes your through each consonant and vowel over a number of tricky and common words with Bohemian Vocal Studio’s special vowel and consonant translation provided.

GREAT courses!
 Just bought your course and I can feel the resonance in my head already!
 I’ll be damned – one day of Foundation practice and I have already improved
 If you want to sing rock/blues, this is the guy!

Foundation & Growth 101 Course Pack (Includes two Skype Sessions) – $540 $399

Current intake for Growth 101 has now closed. 

** You will be redirected to the Foundation 101 course after purchase (please click “return” button in paypal), please bookmark your unique link to the course. Your link to Growth 101 will be sent via email. Please contact Bohemian Vocal Studio if you are not redirected and have not received your link.