Foundation 101 Singing Checklist

Foundation 101 Singing Checklist

Congratulations on adding our Foundation 101 singing course to your vocal routine! If you’ve stuck to the program and continued to practice each exercise and study each concept I’ve shared, you’re likely seeing some impressive results already and will continue to make exciting gains in your range, tone and consistency.

The most important aspect of learning how to sing is knowing how to set short term objectives and having a ‘checklist’ of sorts to ensure you stay motivated and can work towards tangible goals in an ongoing basis. This exclusive Foundation 101 Singing Check List will detail the steps going forward to ensure continued success and progress on your journey towards building the voice of your dreams.

Your Vocal Checklist

This checklist details the most important aspects of vocal technique and the ‘intention’ you should be focusing on with each element of the course. Make sure you practice each step with the true intention behind each exercise so that you get the greatest benefit from this checklist and the course itself.

#1 – Foundation, Support and Articulation

Lip Trills are one of the most important tools for a developing singer, especially where foundation, support and articulation are concerned. The three main aspects of mastering your lip trills are use of the soft palate, creating support through your posture and diaphragmatic engagement and finally use of your articulators. With continued practice of the exercises we discussed in the Foundation 101, you should be making headway with these common lip trill issues;

  • Lack of control over the articulators (Do you have to use your fingers in your cheeks/lips?)
  • Improper passage and direction of air (Is there air exiting through your nose?)
  • Improper support (Do you have to blow lots of air/does your trill ‘blow apart’)
  • Lack of resonant connection (Do you flip between chest and head voice?)

#2 – Setting up your vowels

A hoot sound through your mid to high register will facilitate a lowered larynx, a raised soft palate and breath support. With continued practice of the exercises shared in the Foundation 101 course, you should be making breakthroughs with these common vowel issues;

  • Lack of resonant connection (Do you flip between chest and head voice?)
  • Tension (Is there strain or tension in your throat?)
  • Excess contraction of the Vocalis (Are you dragging up chest voice?)
  • A raised larynx or low soft palate (Is your hoot inconsistent/impossible?)

#3 – Shaping your vowels

Practising each vowel shape and aiming for consistent and full resonance will enable you to make the most efficient use of your resonators and enable you to use correct vowels when you sing actual songs. With continued practice using the Foundation 101 course, you should no longer experience these issues;

  • Improper use of the Soft Palate (is there airflow through the nose on your EE vowel?)
  • Pronunciation (Do you lack resonance, even though you’re going for the ‘right’ vowel sound?)
  • Tension (Are you maintaining the same setup as the ‘hooty’ vowels for a low larynx etc?)
  • Lack of shape or incorrect setup (Do you lack resonance?)

#4 – Extending and connecting range

Extending range comes with a combination of all the above vocal elements, but most of all resonant space. By raising the soft palate and ensuring you balance resonance between your three main resonators – the pharynx, the mouth and the nasal cavity, endless range will be right around the corner. With continued practice you will start breaking through these common blocks for vocal range;

  • Lack of resonant space (Do you choke off through your mid section?)
  • Improper vowel character/frequencies/resonance (Do you flip between chest and head?)
  • Excess contraction of the Vocalis (Are you pushing chest voice?)

#5 – Tonal Quality

Tonal Quality and consistent resonance requires a combination of all of the above plus the elements of finesse such as vocal onsets, mix voice and placement. With a strong foundation, your tone will improve with time and practice;

  • Nasality (Are you opening the soft palate/allowing nasal airflow?)
  • Harshness (Are you singing with a glottal onset or hard attack?)
  • Breathiness (Breathy onset, lack of vocal fold closure)
  • Straining and tension (Do you lack Mix Voice, are you pushing chest?)
  • Intonation and frequency control (Are you pitchy?)

These 5 steps and their subsequent checklists of common issues will help you set better short term goals moving forward. Make sure you address every issue on this checklist and use the matching exercises from the course to continually adjust your technique and see continual progress and gains each time your practice.

Keep these tips and points at hand as you practice each day to make sure you’re treating your voice with the utmost care and practicing with the right intention. Remember, singing really should be easy – if something is difficult, you’re not doing it correctly.

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