Foundation 101 is AMAZING!


Kegan is the master of vocal training... period.


Top shelf sing-ninja wisdom! All kinds of awesome.


Valuable stuff, and very helpful. Thank you!


My progress has been pretty epic!


Kegan is a great teacher with a huge knowledge and talent - If you want to sing rock at the highest level choose BVS!


Foundation 101 Course

Bohemian Vocal Studio's fundamental singing course Foundation 101 will show you how to set up a rock solid foundation for your vocal technique so that you can start building the singing voice of your dreams. Along with learning The Four Vocal Fundamentals, you will also learn to connect chest and head voice, shape vowels, sing in middle voice, sing with forward placement, engage your diaphragm, increase your range, improve your range, warm up your voice effectively and SO much more!

$180  For a limited time only - $98

Master The Four Vocal Fundamentals

With the Foundation 101 Course

What You'll Learn In The Course

Foundation 101 is designed around the principles of The Four Vocal Fundamentals; in particular how to develop a balanced and strong foundation for your voice so that you will see continued progress in your singing as you develop and build each concept.

The Four Vocal Fundamentals are as follows;

  • Height In The Vocal Tract
  • "All In One Flow"
  • Mixed Tonality
  • Forward Placement

The course builds on these four fundamental setup steps to help you connect chest and head voice while creating mixed resonance and a strain free tone through your full range.

Divided into three easy-to-follow stages; The Informative, The Setup and The Practical - Foundation 101 really is one of the most well organised, easy to follow and practical vocal courses available and has continued to receive rave reviews from singers of all walks of life including many other singing teachers looking to better their technique and teaching approach.

If you're serious about improving your voice and can't wait to get started - you can click the link above to purchase the course and get started building a better voice right now.

If you'd like to see what all the fuss is about with Foundation 101, let me show you with a few quick examples of what I'm personally achieving now that I've mastered The Four Vocal Fundamentals taught within the course - just imagine the incredible singing voice you're going to enjoy once you've mastered your foundation!

And some of my original music:

Become a better singer

With the Foundation 101 Course