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Foundation 101 Course

Bohemian Vocal Studio’s flagship singing course Foundation 101 singing course will show you how to set up a rock solid and bullet-proof foundation for your vocal technique so that you can start building the singing voice of your dreams. You will learn how to connect chest and head voice, place your resonance, shape each of your vowel sounds, sing in middle voice and SO much more.

  • Learn to sing in mix voice
  • Shape your vowels
  • Create and increase your resonance
  • Increase your range out of sight!
  • Improve your vocal tone
  • Sing ANY song
  • Sing with balance and consistency
  • So much more!

 Kegan is the master of vocal training… Period!
 The Best vocal coach ever. This education divide my vocal life in two parts – before and after!
 If you want to sing rock/blues, this is the guy!

Foundation 101 Course – $220 $28

Learn how to sing with balanced onsets, support, shaped vowels, resonant space, increased range, improved tone and SO much more!

** You will be redirected to the Foundation 101 course after purchase, please bookmark your unique link to the course. Please contact Bohemian Vocal Studio if you have not received your link.

Please note: There is no ‘secret’ information hidden in the Foundation 101 course, just solid vocal technique and the introduction to the powerful Foundation/Growth/Balance approach to singing. Learning to sing well is simply a process of dedication to the process and application to the approach and each concept within this course. Please note, course sales are final and refunds are not provided.

Kegan DeBoheme is Bohemian Vocal Studio’s resident vocal coach and voice expert. He teaches professional singing and voice technique to students all around the world and enjoys providing tutorials like this one on how to improve your voice.

8 thoughts on “Foundation 101 Signup

  1. I purchased the course this morning then went to work. Now I can’t find the page anymore… How can I get back to the page so I can learn the technics?

  2. Hi there

    Purchased the 101 course but my dumb phone didn’t redirect me to the link… Could it be sent to my email? Really great content by the way.



  3. Hi Keegan. I purchased your Foundations 101 course this morning & ran through the videos once just to get a high-level view. I’d like to go back now and spend time with each lesson in succession, but am unsure how to access the course as all Foundation 101 links seem to lead to this landing page. How do I log-in or otherwise access the course?


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