Foundation 101 | Conclusion

Foundation 101 | Conclusion

This concludes the new and improved Foundation 101 singing course with Bohemian Vocal Studio – congratulations on making the most out of your voice and building a healthier singing approach! If you’ve followed the course from start to finish and taken your time to practice each exercise consistently, you should now be able to:

  • Support your voice with a healthy posture and diaphragmatic breathing
  • Sing with resonance while attaining placement
  • Sing a hooty EE and OO vowel up into the pharynx while connecting chest and head voice
  • Sing a bright EE and OO vowel up into the pharynx while connecting chest and head voice
  • Shape each vowel sound – AH, AA, OH, OO, EE and AY
  • Connect chest and head on each of these vowel sounds
  • Sing a powerful and assertive WOAH in middle voice
  • Connect WOAH to both chest voice and head voice respectively
  • Sing with a balanced onset and resonant conclusion
  • Release tension and strain from your voice before and while you sing
  • Sing an efficient lip trill while connecting chest and head voice
  • Sing the resonant consonants N, M and NG while connecting chest and head

These foundation steps are PARAMOUNT to building a powerful, healthy and consistent voice. If you struggle with any one of these steps, your foundation needs work. Let me know in the comments below which steps you have mastered, and which steps you are struggling with!

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  1. I love the way you teach: simple and broad. I wish you all the success in the world. I can’t “Sing a hooty EE and OO vowel up into the pharynx while connecting chest and head voice”, though i can sing it bright. If i sing it hooty i break into a falsetto.


    • Thanks for the kind words Tomi! If you’re unable to connect the hoot, there’s an issue with either a) The soft palate b) The larynx or c) Support. Work on those points specifically and you’ll be able to connect on the hoot – this will give you a much richer and fuller sound on each vowel while connecting chest and head. I figure your ‘bright’ sound is a touch nasal and has a ‘roof’ at some point?


  2. Enjoyed the course – great explanations – do you have downloadable exercise tracks that I can burn to a cd for my car (the only place I can really practice – and I ensure I’m as upright as possible and usually drive at night on quiet country roads so there are no distractions)


    • Thanks Jake, that’s a great idea! I’m working on something for the premium tools which I’m hoping to have released later this month.

      Ha cool, just avoid the breathing exercises while you’re driving, don’t want to get light headed! I’ve thought about putting together a “car warmup” booster course, but there’s so many variables with posture and people’s cars and situations it’s hard to be anything other than general.

      All the best,


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